Threading Hair Removal Facts

Threading dates as far back as the ancient times, especially in the Eastern countries of India and Egypt. It uses a cotton thread to pull unwanted hair from its roots, resulting to up to six weeks of hairless skin. Today, threading hair removal is best used in the facial area, specifically eyebrow shaping.

To know exactly what is threading hair removal, it is best to know both its sides. Take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of threading hair below.

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Advantages of Threading

  • It is sanitary. This is true because the thread that is used to remove hair does not touch the skin at all. There are no tools used other than the thread, which will be thrown away after the session. Hence, there are no chances of sharing things, which can increase chances of skin infection, irritation, and the like.
  • It is an ideal option for people with troubled eyebrows. Threading has precise hair removal ability, which makes the eyebrows even and perfectly in shape. This is the very reason why threading is given more credit to eye brow threading and shaping it to perfection.
  • It is best for almost all types of people regardless of whether they have sensitive skin or not. There are no chemicals applied on the skin so there are no risks for irritation and allergies.
  • It is fast. Threading both eyebrows can take only two minutes. It can take longer or shorter depending on the skills of the practitioner.

Disadvantages of Threading

  • If done incorrectly, threading can make the hairs break. When this happens, the hair will grow quicker and there is a risk of ingrown hair.
  • There are limited skilled professionals offering threading hair removal these days. Much more, there are limited salons or spas that hire really good and experienced practitioners. This makes the hunt for successful threading not a smooth one as you expect it to be.
  • It usually is hard to do, especially if you intend to do it at home. It requires a lot of time and training before you can safely and efficiently thread your own hair.
  • It is not used for all parts of the body. In most cases, it is only the face that is best subjected to this hair removal technique.

Threading Hair Removal Cost

The pricing of threading hair removal depends on the salon and which body part you are trying to work on. Here is a basic list of threading costs based on the body part you want to get done:

  • Eyebrow threading – $12-$50
  • Upper lip threading- $6-$20
  • Full face threading – $35-$60
  • Chin threading- $6-$15

Threading hair removal has come a long way due to various reasons. For one, it is seen by a lot of people as a good method to remove unwanted hair, especially on the face.

what is your experience with threading methods and how do you rate this method of hair removal?

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