Every Hair Color Chart Listed And How To Use Them The Right Way

On this site you will find the most popular hair color charts, easily listed by brand and product line. To quickly navigate to the hair color chart from a specific brand, use the links below. Otherwise, continue reading the article to learn more about how to use the charts.

L’Oreal hair color charts (Excellence Cream, Recital Preference, Feria)

Wella hair color chart (Wellaton)

Garnier hair color charts (Belle, 100% Color, Nutrisse Cream, Movida, HerbaShine)

Clairol hair color charts (Nice n Easy, Foam, Root Touch-up, Gray Solution, Perfect10, Natural Instincts, Natural Instincts Vibrant)

John Frieda hair color chart (Precision Foam Colour)

Revlon hair color charts (Colorsilk, Luminista)

Choosing the Right Hair Color

Getting a new hair color can seem to be an easy task. However, do you know that a lot of people are making a huge mistake even in the simple choice of color for their hair? More often than not, people just check out the hair colour chart and pick a shade that they love. They forget that choosing a hair color is more than just what you can see in the chart and more than what is pleasing to the eyes.

There are several considerations when you choose your hair color. One of the most important things is the skin color. Most people make the mistake of just picking a color from a chart such as the Wella hair colour chart for their hair’s shade. However, little that they know is that the right hair color has always something to do with the skin tone.

When speaking of choosing the right hair color, you must know whether you have a cool or warm skin tone. You know if you have a cool tone if your eyes are colored black, brown, gray blue, deep brown, hazel, blue flecks, or dark blue. Your natural hair color is black, medium ash brown, dishwasher blond, white, or deep coffee brown. Plus, your skin tone is brown with pink undertones, olive, dark brown, pale, brown, or bronze. Another easy way to say if you are cool toned if the veins in your inner wrist are blue.

On the other hand, you are warm toned if your eyes are green, turquoise, hazel with gold, or golden brown. Your natural hair color is deep brown with red or gold highlights, auburn, red, strawberry blond, golden blond, medium golden brown, or gray with yellow cast. Then, your skin tone must be brown with golden undertones, pale with peach or gold undertones, ruddy, freckled, or golden brown. When it comes to the veins, you will see that they are green under the wrist.

If you are cool toned, the hair colors that are right for you include black, cool ash brown, white, burgundy, blue, orchid, fuchsia, and cool blondes. However, you must avoid yellow, red, bronze, and gold. On the other hand, if you are warm toned, your choices must be deep chocolate, auburn, rich golden, golden blonde, coral, orange, red, and warm gold. You must, however, avoid jet black, violet, white, and blue.

Using the Chart Correctly

Even if you know the right color for your hair already, it is not still a guarantee that you can find the right color for your hair. Keep in mind that using a hair color chart is not as simple as checking the colors as displayed. Take note that the color displayed on the chart is not always the color that you will get once you apply it on your hair.

There needs to be a special formula to determine whether one color will work for you or not. If you choose dark brown with light gold highlights, it is not always the color that you will get. Take note that the starting hair color has a lot to say in terms of the finished hair color results. Though this may not be a problem for grey hair coloring, this is often a problem of a lot of people especially those with darker toned hair.

Giving a new color to your hair is not a joke. The wrong choice of color can make you appear old, fake, or just weird. On the other hand, a perfect choice will enhance your overall physical appeal right away. Hence, it is important that you know how to make use of hair colours charts correctly and efficiently.

Finding Hair Color Charts

At the beginning of the article, we have listed quick links to jump to hair color charts by the major brands in the hair color industry (jump to the top of the page). However, computer monitors can alter how a color is displayed. Therefore, you might want to make sure you get the color you want by comparing hair color charts that are generally available in hair salons. You will find them posted on the walls since they are designed to help guide customers to easily pick a color to work with. You can also find charts that come with hair color products.

Here is an example photo of hair color samples. These real life samples might give you the best idea of how your hair will look and feel (click for larger version).

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