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How To Apply Cellulite Cream

Cellulite can be frustrating especially if you want to strut down the beach with those sexy bikinis. Worse, the fight against cellulite is really not a piece of cake even with the best cellulite cream at hand. It’s like armed weapons are no guarantee for victory in warfare. A warrior must know not only how to use the weapon but also to strategize the battle. In the fight against cellulite, the following is so far the best battle plan:

  1. Apply the cream when skin pores are open. The powerful cream formulation can best work if it can deeply penetrate your skin. That’s why it is advised to apply the cream every after bath when the pores of your skin are more open. Regular use is also advised to gain desired results in a shorter period of time.
  2. Keep a fat-free and less cholesterol diet. A healthy diet serves as a shield against another fat build-up in your body that causes cellulite. Of course, it looks futile applying a cellulite cream to reduce fat and continue to put in unwanted fats in your diet. A fat-free and less cholesterol diet would make the cellulite cream’s work easier and faster. The diet would also help your skin have a natural healthy glow.
  3. Shed off the fats through physical exercise. To further aid the cellulite creams get rid of unwanted fat in your body, fat-burning physical exercise is advised. Shedding off fats would also help your body produce more energy making you strong and active.  Regular exercises also have beauty benefits of toning you muscles creating a sexier look for you.

 The battle plan against cellulite clearly allows you to reap more benefits like hitting two birds with one stone. It would not only make you cellulite-free but actively healthy, sexy, and more beautiful.

Cellulite Exercises

Exercises are said to totally get rid of cellulite. However, this is unfortunately a myth. No good amount of exercise can totally get you free from your cellulite problems. However, this does not mean that exercise cannot help with your cellulite problems. The truth is, routine exercise can help you in the reduction of cellulite’s appearance on the skin. Much more, cellulite exercises can prevent the onset of cellulite in the first place.

Exercise and Cellulite

Cellulite is not caused by stationary behavior; hence, it is not something that can be totally removed by exercise. Exercising is a healthy lifestyle that can help prevent and manage cellulite even though it does not work to eliminate it entirely.

The main concept here is that exercise helps burn fat, which opens fewer chances for your body to develop cellulite. Moreover, simple aerobic and cardiovascular exercises such as running, jogging, walking, and swimming are helpful for cellulite reduction because it increases the blood flow in the body. This means less cellulite accumulation and increased muscle.

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Exercises for Lower Body Cellulite (Buttocks and Thighs)

Here are few cellulite exercises for thigh and buttocks:

  • Lunges
  1. Stand with your feet together, at least shoulder width.
  2. Step forward where the heel lands first. Make sure the knee is at 90 degrees but not to the point of passing the position of the toes. Your back knee, on the other hand, must be lowered until it is almost touching the ground.
  3. Return to the start position by pushing upward against the front foot.
  4. Do this in alternating feet.
  • Side Lunges
  1. Stand with feet together.
  2. Take one large step going to the side with your right foot.
  3. Bend the right knee but don’t let it farther than before the toes.
  4. Push back with the right leg so you can return to the standing position.
  5. Repeat five to 10 times before switching to the other foot.
  • Step Ups
  1. Stand at the bottom of the stairs.
  2. Step up with your right foot to the first step while making sure you transfer all your weight to the right foot. Use your left foot for balancing.
  3. Step back down with the left foot and then the right.
  4. Repeat five to 10 times before switching to the other foot.
  • Chair Squat
  1. Bend your knees and lower body, just like though you are about to sit on a chair
  2. Make sure your knees are not past your toes.
  3. Hold your position for two seconds.
  4. Stand back up.
  • Bicycle Exercise
  1. Lay flat on your back.
  2. Lift your legs off the floor as you tuck them into your chest.
  3. Raise your legs and move them up and down, like a bicycle pedaling motion.
  4. Continue as long as you are comfortable with the exercise.


Exercises for Upper Body Cellulite

Besides lower body and thigh cellulite exercises, there are also other forms of anti cellulite exercises that can help you address upper body cellulite problems. Most of them use weights to tone up the upper body. However, you can use an alternative to weights if you do not have them at home.

  • Triceps Extension
  1. Hold weights in hand.
  2. Your arms must be tight to the sides and your elbows bent at 90 degrees.
  3. Keep your knees slightly bent.
  4. Bend over your body just like you are bowing.
  5. Press hands to the back straightly so that they are past your buttocks.
  6. Keep this position and bend your arms back and repeat.
  • Push Ups
  1. Go for a traditional push up.
  2. You can also go for an assisted push up with your knees on the ground.
  3. Keep your abs tight all throughout.
  • Overhead Press
  1. Stand with your feet slightly apart, weights in your hand.
  2. Bend your elbows with your hands beside your shoulders.
  3. Raise the weights above your head in a straight arm position.
  4. Turn palms to each other. Lower your arms and repeat.
  • Bicep Curls
  1. Stand with your feet slightly apart (preferably hip width).
  2. Hold the weights in front of your thighs with the palms facing out.
  3. Bend arms to bring the weights up your shoulders.
  4. Lower before you reach a full extension of the arm.
  5. Repeat the lift.


Getting the Best of Exercises for Cellulite Reduction

You can make sure that your get rid of cellulite exercises will work for you by taking an extra effort to follow these tips:

  • After working out, it is recommended that you massage the areas where cellulite is. This will help increase the circulation in the area, which will help in diminishing the appearance of cellulite.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout. Since dehydration plays a major role in cellulite development, drinking fluids will help in the better removal of cellulite and prevent them from coming back.
  • Eat a healthy diet in line with exercising. A healthy diet will help you maintain your weight, which can prevent cellulite from developing.


Share your experiences about cellulite exercises in the comments.

Effective Ingredients of Cellulite Cream

There are basically a lot of cellulite creams in the market nowadays. Popular brands include Revitol, Cellulean, Procellix, Murad, and Nivea cellulite cream products. More often than not, all of them will claim to be the best in the market in terms of helping you reduce the appearance of cellulite or even eliminate cellulite as a whole. However, what you must keep in mind is that some of them may not be true to their promises. To know which of the creams can be trusted, you may simply check the labels. Here are some of the top ingredients that you must look out for in an anti-cellulite cream to at least see that a specific product will work or not:


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These are amino acids that can boost collagen production. The collagen is responsible for keeping the skin intact, which offers a younger-looking skin. When the collagen production is improved, the skin becomes firmer and so the bumpy texture is smoothened out for a reduced cellulite appearance.

Retinol or Vitamin A

Like pentapeptides, retinol is also known to enhance the skin’s collagen production. When applied to the skin, retinol can make the skin rejuvenated. With its use on the skin, the elasticity of the skin comes to its best form.


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This is actually a kind of asthma drug that is considered one of the best ingredients of the best cellulite cream products in the market. However, there are certain risks associated with the use of theophylline on the skin. It can cause bad skin reaction. Hence, it is best to get the go signal of your doctor prior to using a cream that has this ingredient.


Caffeine is surprisingly a very strong weapon against cellulite. Caffeine is known to minimize fats in the body and since the primary cause of cellulite is fat trapped in the body, caffeine can work to correct the problem. Caffeine can improve fat metabolism for a more effective fat burning and cellulite melting.

Shea Butter

Lotion bar
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Shea butter does not fight against cellulite. However, this often counters any harsh side effect of some of the strong ingredients present in the cream. Shea butter is known for its soothing effect on the skin, which keeps the skin soft, healthy, and nourished.


Homemade Cellulite Cream: Make Your Own Cellulite Cream

Don’t think that only commercially available anti-cellulite creams are best used to counter this skin problem. Commercial products like the Nivea cellulite cream may work for your advantage; however, they may not be friendly enough to your pocket. Hence, homemade cellulite cream recipes can be considered. There are homemade creams that can effectively work to fight against cellulite. Here are some popular recipes for you to try:

Recipe #1

Mix four different kinds of oil to make a cream to fight cellulite. The oils include rosemary, carrier, almond, and fennel. When all these oils are combined, they can become an efficient cellulite cream that will lessen the appearance of cellulite with continuous application.

Recipe #2

Mix any of these essential oils: grapefruit, juniper berry, rosemary, cypress, and germanium. When mixed together, they can form to be the best cellulite cream that can lessen your cellulite’s appearance.

Grapefruit Slice
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Recipe #3

Mix the following ingredients: eight ounces of unscented lotion, three tablespoons of witch hazel lotion, and 10 drops each of rosemary oil, grapefruit oil, and juniper oil. Then, add 30 drops of cypress oil in the mixture. Massage this cream tenderly onto the cellulite using a circular movement daily.

Recipe #4

Mix grape seed, cocoa butter, and non-petroleum jelly into a double boiler. Blend the ingredients properly until the mixture thickens. Take it away from heat, continue stirring, and add the orange blossom oil. Let the mixture cool down and you can use this on a regular basis.

True enough, these homemade cellulite cream recipes can work wonders for your cellulite problems. Prior to using any of these recipes, make sure to test the cream on a small part of your skin first. Wait for 30 minutes to an hour to see whether you will have any allergic reaction or not to any of the ingredients. If there is none, proceed using the homemade cream regularly for best results. Discontinue use if you experience skin irritation.


Questioning Cellulean Cellulite Cream

There are many names in the market that claims to deliver the best cellulite cream for women. One of them is Cellulean. The question is, is this product really worth your money and time? Well, read this article and find out more about this product.

Cellulean’s claimed strongest feature is its primary ingredient, which is Aminophylline. This is an asthma drug that is found to help drastically reduce the size of fat cells beneath the skin, which then reduces the appearance of the bumps and dimples on the skin. Moreover, Cellulean’s claim of cellulite-free skin is backed up by a clinical research. Its claim of 78 percent cellulite reduction within four weeks is proven to be true by research.

However, unlike other cellulite lotion and creams, Cellulean requires some sort of anti-cellulite exercise to offer good results. People who want faster results see good chances when they use the solution in conjunction with proper exercise.

Another problem with Cellulean is its price. It is double the price of usual cellulite creams in the market. Plus, the manufacturer offers 14-day risk free trial only. It is clear that Cellulean says that their product can offer results within 30 days. Hence, people who want to test this product fully cannot take advantage of the free trial period. Plus, after the trial period, they offer an autoship program, which is seen as an inconvenience by a lot of people. There are certain reports that even if you tell them you are not interested with the product after the trial, they will still be shipping it to you and even charge your card.
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Cellulean has its own share of pros and cons. Now, it is up to you to decide whether the benefits will outnumber the cons or whether the advantages are worth any kind of risk. The decision is still yours to make.

Top Rated Stretch Mark Cream: Top Five Brands

Do you have stretch marks that you want to get rid off as soon as possible?  Do they seem to bother you as it limits the number of clothes that you can wear? Have you ever gone to beauty shops and searched for the best stretch mark cream? The battle for the best stretch mark cream in the market is endless. More pharmaceutical companies are producing it with claims that their products are effective. There is no specific evidence showing that these products actually do work. However, there are numerous preparations out there that can vastly improve the appearance of stretch marks and accelerate their disappearance. But what are the current top selling brands available in the market?

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One of the top selling stretch mark creams in the market is StriVectin-SD. Clinical studies have actually shown that this cream can improve the appearance of stretch marks. Ninety three per cent of subjects in a clinical trial who used StriVectin-SD found a reduction in the actual length and depth of their stretch marks as well as an improvement in skin texture. It acts well on both old and new stretch marks. You can use this product three times a day. Possible adverse reaction may include itching, slight redness and rash.


Another popular brand that is effective in treating stretch marks is Tretinoin (Retin-A). It improves the clinical appearance of early, active stretch marks. Tretinoin is a derivative from Vitamin A but is more effective since it thins the epidermis and penetrates into the dermis, the site of stretch mark development. Once it penetrates the dermis, it then increase collagen production that will eventually improve the skin’s texture and appearance. Possible adverse effects are stinging, swelling and redness of the skin. This product is not safe to be used by pregnant women.


The use of Mederma is also effective if the stretch marks are in its early stage of development. This product however, is safe to be used by pregnant women or while breastfeeding since this is derived from a natural product, onion extract. Recommended application is three to four times a week for around two months.

Cellec-C High Potency Serum

Another effective product, Cellec-C High Potency Serum works by encouraging fibroplasts to generate collagen and elastin fibers, which plays a big role in preventing the formation of stretch marks. It also uses 10% Cellex-C Vitamin C to promote skin health and collagen support, It is also safe to use while pregnant.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Concentrated Cream

And lastly, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Concentrated Cream with Vitamin E. Though there is no evidence to prove the efficacy of cocoa butter or Vitamin E in removing or preventing stretch marks, women who have used it can attest that they are effective using the two ingredients. It is also a rich emollient that keeps your skin smooth and supple. It is very safe to use for pregnant women and is inexpensive.

With the choices given above, it is up to you to choose what is best or what will work for you. You have to keep in mind though that some products are not safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding. Like any anti cellulite cream, not enough evidence can support their claims to prevent and diminish stretch marks. Consulting your dermatologist or your OB-Gynecologist will help you select what is best for you.

Cellulite Diet: Are You Eating Cellulite?

“What you eat is what you are.” The culprit in the hated and dreaded cellulite might be the food favorites that you eat. Find out what to put and not to put in your mouth on this basic cellulite diet.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite appears as lumpy fat-like deposits commonly in the buttocks, thighs, and arms giving the skin on the affected body part an ugly orange peel look. Although medical experts have contested that cellulite is not a fat problem but a tissue-related disorder where severed tissues results to the disruption of the smoothly aligned fat cells in the body, many still attests that targeting to eliminate fats in the body helps in cellulite reduction.

What is a cellulite diet?

Cellulite diet is a meal plan for cellulite treatment. It is usually a set of fiber-rich and high-protein meal that needs to be maintained even after achieving desired results. The diet targets to reduce fat in order to make cellulite less visible. Most cellulite or anti cellulite diet focus on what food to eat. Missing to point out the food to avoid, however, would serve cellulite diet futile. Thus, cellulite diet could also mean consciously or unconsciously eating “cellulite-rich” foods that promote the development of more cellulite in the body.

The “Cellulite-Rich” Foods

“Cellulite-rich” foods are more often than not unhealthy meals that prevent skin improvement, destroy tissues, and promote bad fats in the body. So, are you eating cellulites?

White Bread and Starches

Carbo-loading is definitely a big no, no when on a high-protein cellulite diet. Carbohydrates and proteins should not be eaten at the same time. Otherwise, it will accelerate fat production in the body. Thus, cellulite diet also means cutting down on the favorite pasta.

Tinned and Canned Foods

Handy and instant food in tins and cans are great feeds for cellulite. Apart from its lack of nutritional value, processed and preserved foods contribute to the accumulation of unhealthy fats in the body. Preservatives can also dry the skin worsening the appearance of cellulite.


Excess salt is not good for the body especially with cellulite. It also retains water in the body making flushing out of toxins difficult. Detoxification is essential in fighting cellulite. So avoid salt and foods that have high salt content such as stock cubes, instant vegetable broths, prepared horseradish, olives, pickles, meat tenderizers, tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, and catsup.

Coffee and Tea

Oral caffeine intake promotes cellulite production. It causes small blood vessels to constrict reducing oxygen and nutrient flow to the tissues. Since cellulite is a tissue-related disorder, coffee and tea breaks are not helpful in the fight against cellulite.

Couch potatoes are big must-not in maintaining a cellulite diet. It is not a kind of food but lack of exercise will not help achieve the desired result intended by a cellulite diet.

Cellulite diet simply means eating healthy and nutritious foods that are good for the body. A body in good shape and glowing smooth skin will attract a positively heavier attention from people making cellulite less noticeable.

Anti Cellulite Cream

Anti cellulite cream is one of the best weapons a woman can rely on in the fight against hideous cellulite. The topical cream is the easiest to use, most affordable, and most readily available cellulite treatment in the face of the planet. How can one really succeed in eliminating cellulite in different parts of the body? Gear up with the best anti cellulite cream.

Cellulite is one of the most perennial skin problems still waiting for an ultimate solution. Cellulite creams that really work are only limited to reducing the appearance of cellulite. Medical experts have already concluded the absence of available cure for cellulite. So the best cellulite cream can only make cellulite become less visible in the thighs, buttocks, and other parts of the body.

Nevertheless, the search for the best anti cellulite cream is still on. The best finds so far are listed below.

Revitol Cellulite Solution

For seven straight years, the Revitol brand managed to establish itself one of the most effective treatments for cellulite. It has a clinically proven claim to reduce and prevent the appearance of cellulite in as little as two weeks. Revitol’s active ingredients include retinol A, green tea extracts, and topical caffeine that acts together to make skin firm, toned, and smooth while eliminating cellulite causing fat cells in the body. It only cost $40 per tube, which can last more than a month. No cases of serious side effects have been reported about the product, so it is relatively very safe to use.

Cellulean Active Cellulite Solution

Cellulean is a fairly new product in the market but already holds the title as the best anti cellulite cream. It contains pharmaceutical grade Aminophylline, an asthma treatment drug that can reduce fat cells below the skin. The product claims the ability to reduce cellulite by 78 percent in just four weeks if complemented with an exercise program. It costs $79.95 per bottle, which can last more than 30 days. Cellulean is more expensive than Revitol but with its promised results and zero side effects, it is worth a try.

Dermology Cellulite Solution

Formerly a controversial skin care brand, Dermology rose to become an effective anti cellulite cream that can quickly reduce the appearance of cellulite in different parts of the body in just four weeks. It has an all natural ingredient and caffeine based formulation that penetrates the skin’s upper layer reducing size of fat cells that cause cellulite dimples on the surface. It also firms and tones the skin leaving it smooth and almost clear from cellulite. The brand is side effects free and only cost $14.97.

It is best to apply anti cellulite creams after every bath for better skin absorption. Complement use of these top anti cellulite cream brands with regular exercise and proper diet in order to get more positive result or less visible cellulite.

Anti cellulite cream can be a hit or miss treatment. Trying out the best in the market, however, can save one from the hassle of getting negative results.