Jane, 28
Besides writing articles herself, she is also our editor in chief. Much like the center of a spider web, she is the key to all communication here at Trained in business school and working as an assistant manager at a tech company, she uses this position as her personal outlet for her creative writing needs.


Mark, 26
Mark got his masters degree in social psychology. He works at as a researcher, and is responsible for the digital paper mass / mess around the office. His favorite topics include motivation, mental wellness, and group dynamics.


Danielle, 29
Trained as a journalist, Danielle works as a writer and designer at She is responsible for site maintanance, site design, photos, and writing / researching articles. Besides her work here, she also works as a journalist for a US regional paper.


Philip, 45
Philip holds a medical degree. Although not practicing medicine anymore due to physical limitations, he enjoys contributing to with insight, advice, and knowledge of his field. Internally known as Dr Phil.


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