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The Wonders of an All Natural Appetite Suppressant

In the process of losing weight, controlling one’s appetite is very important. However, a lot of people are having a hard time doing just that. Some have given up the fight and some, continued to pursue their dreams of losing weight. Losing weight can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you have tried all means, yet, in the end you failed. But with the aid of technology, controlling your hunger and cravings can now be possible. All natural appetite suppressant can help you overcome one of the biggest challenges when trying to lose weight: controlling appetite. If this can be prevented, then, losing weight can be easier. Natural appetite suppressants are classified into 3 options: supplements, whole food or a combination of both.

Supplements as natural appetite suppressants are more convenient, however, they are expensive. An example of this suppressant is Hoodia Gordonii. This cactus-like plant can be found in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. Finding this plant in its raw form may seem impossible, however, you can find it in diet pills. Most diet pills that claim to have this as its active ingredient contain small amounts of this plant ,yet, they can be effective appetite suppressants. While they are convenient, they are also very expensive. Another example for natural suppressants is whey protein. They have been employed for years as an effective natural appetite suppressant. Whey protein powder is also excellent in muscle growth, which is important since muscle burns fat. Unlike Hoodia Gordonii, they are very affordable, convenient and they also come in a variety of flavors.

Whole foods are excellent in suppressing appetite since they are inexpensive and they also provide nutritional benefits that you can’t get from a supplement. An example of whole food as natural appetite suppressant is water. It is by far, considered the best appetite suppressant. Intake of plenty of water throughout the day will work wonders to curb your appetite. By taking a glass of water before meal, you will be surprised at how much less you eat. Water can make you feel full that is why you get to eat less. Green leafy vegetables are also excellent natural appetite suppressants. They are low in calories and have high amounts of fiber. Good examples are lettuce, cabbage and spinach. Pickles or preserved small cucumbers also make great suppressants. They have very low calorie content and binging on them the entire day surely will not make you feel guilty. Just like pickles, apples are also one of the best appetite suppressants. An apple only contains less than 100 calories that is why they make a great substitute for high-caloric chocolates and potato chips. Also, apples are a good source of fiber and have little carbohydrate content.

Losing weight is indeed a very hard thing to do. It takes a lot of effort and patience to achieve them. With the aid of supplements, controlling one’s appetite can now be likely. Once you find a way to control your appetite, then, you are just few steps away from losing those extra pounds.

Top 10 Natural Appetite Suppressant Foods

The natural appetite suppressant tops the checklist for the safest and healthiest weight loss program. It allows eating of delicious meals while maintaining an ideal weight. People can do away with chemical drugs to control the desire for food. The secret lies in natural appetite suppressant foods found in our kitchen that with a little culinary creativity can be concocted to a delectable dish, which one can enjoy without the risk of gaining weight. We have searched all natural appetite suppressants on the web and below are the top 10 natural appetite suppressant one can try for him or her self.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 1: Almonds

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Nuts contain pinolenic acid that promotes hunger suppressing hormone production in the body. Almonds are considered as a superior nut that can reduce the feeling of hunger. It is best eaten as a snack or served with a meal to make you quickly feel full. So far, almonds top the list as the best natural appetite suppressant.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 2: Salmon

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Eating raw salmon as a pre-meal treat will surely help you eat less during the main course. The raw fish contains healthy fats that can keep you feel full in the next hours. It is also very rich in protein, which helps salmon serve as a very satiable meal.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 3: Oatmeal

Unsweetened real oatmeal is very high in dietary fiber and healthy carbohydrates that can help you feel full all day. That is why many people prefer eating oatmeal during breakfast. It is also an ideal power meal for people with bad cholesterol problem.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 4: Wasabi

Fresh wasabi
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Don’t you wonder why a lot of Japanese people are slim and slender? The secret is found in the appetite suppressing spicy wasabi, which is a household condiment in Japan. The spicy condiment also provides a natural anti-inflammatory solution and helps in reducing the risk of cancer.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 5: Soups

Orzo Chicken Soup
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Have you read the book Chicken Soup for the Soul? It features heavy but inspiring anecdote about life yet keeps the soul light. Likewise, chicken soup can be a heavy appetite reducing meal yet saves you from crying in the weighing scale. You may also try vegetable soups. Anyway, hot liquids edge off hunger the chicken or vegetables in the soup makes you feel fuller.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 6: Hoodia

Garden plant Hoodia is a popular slimming supplement. It usually takes the form of natural appetite suppressant pills. It is considered natural since the pills contain the natural extracts of Hoodia. Hunters eat Hoodia’s flower-like stems raw to fight off hunger in the wild.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 7: Water

Yes, drinking water can fill your stomach and help you feel full. The secret, however, is hydration. If we keep our body dehydrated, it will send wrong signals to our brain that we are hungry instead of thirsty. Dehydration also weakens the body that can also send hunger signals to the brain telling us to eat to reenergize the body.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 8: Caffeine

Caffeine’s power to stimulate our central nervous system has a good side effect: reducing appetite. Of course, when you’re energized the body won’t send signal to the brain for a need of food intake to give you energy. Caffeine, however, must be taken in moderate amount to avoid harmful health effects.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 9: Flaxseeds

Offering a significant dose of soluble fiber and essential fatty acids, flaxseeds are one of the most popular natural appetite suppressants. It can easily be sprinkled on a smoothie, yogurt, and salads.

Natural Appetite Suppressant No. 10: Apples

It won’t just keep the doctor away but unwanted weight as well. Apples are rich in fiber that can fill up the stomach for a long period of time.

So stop looking far ahead. Natural appetite suppressants can simply be found in your kitchen. A little patience in preparing it with your meal will bring you a step closer to your dream weight.