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What an Acne Spot Treatment Can Do for You

You’re attending a party tomorrow night with a 100% probability of seeing your crush on the dance floor. You’ve been dieting for weeks now in preparation for this big night. So sexy figure, check! Dainty outfit, check! But when you look in the mirror to check your skin, a visibly bumpy red pimple dreadfully says hello. You would definitely freak out and do anything to zap that zit off your lovely skin. No need to get frantic though. Pricking that zit will just make things worse. In this desperate situation, there’s no need for a desperate measure. All you need is an acne spot treatment.

Zit Free On the Spot

An acne spot treatment is the quickest solution in getting rid of unwanted pimples. It can free your skin from zits overnight. It is currently the best acne treatment introduced in the market. Its quick acting solution in annihilating pimples made acne spot treatment a household name in the world. It comes in gel cream solution that can be easily applied on the pimple spot. Leaving the cream solution overnight will clear your skin from pimples the next day. It works by drying the pimple quickly with less chances of scarring the skin like pricking does so it would just fall off by itself after 24 hours. So far, Johnson & Johnson’s Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment is considered as the best acne spot treatment in the market today.

On the Spot Coolness

Users of acne spot treatment share that the gel cream leaves a cool feeling on the skin while it dries up the target pimple. So without the itch and burning sensation of other acne treatment products, one can comfortably sleep while getting rid of the zits. Others also rave about the product because it is also so cool in the pocket. Even a 13 year old can get the treatment without pestering his or her parents to get buy it. Of course, what can be cooler than getting an effective pimple fighting solution for a very affordable price? So far, it’s the acne spot treatment that holds the title for 100% coolness for anti acne solution.

Spotless Habits for the Skin

An acne spot treatment can surely do magic on your skin. It, however, needs to be complemented with wholesome skin care habits to make its work easier and more effective. Stick to the basics of maintaining a clean and clear face to be totally free from pimples. Always drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin and keep it glowing, eat fruits and vegetables to nourish it, and never leave it full of dirt while sleeping. Remember that an acne spot treatment only dries up the pimple so it will leave your skin temporarily. It doesn’t target the main source of pimples. So you need to maintain healthy skin care habits to really achieve a pimple free flawless skin. In using the acne spot treatment, it would also be helpful to have an acne scar treatment handy. Sometimes, after a dried pimple fall off a dark scar-like mark is still left on the skin. Some cover it with concealer to hide the mark. However, it would be wiser to apply a scar treatment cream first before applying a concealer. Apply what you consider as the best acne scar treatment for your skin.

Like any acne treatment products, an acne spot treatment also has its limitations. What you can do is maximize what the product can do for you and supplement what it cannot provide.

Best Acne Scar Treatment: A Pre-Treatment Guide

Acne scars are one of the most major skin problems next to acne that is plaguing millions of men and women all over the world. Post-acne scenario has generated a million dollar skin care business while driving millions crazy and frustrated how to finally end their suffering from acne. Of course, after long years of finally annihilating those unwanted pimples, it’s obviously exasperating to be greeted with another problem—acne scars, which take another long years to banish. The search for the best acne scar treatment seems to be a never-ending process for many people scarred by acne. However, the best treatment for acne scars can be found if proper pre-treatment procedures are observed.

Skin should be 100% Acne-Free

Plunging in for what you believe as the best acne scar treatment will only fall ineffective if your skin still sports even the tiniest acne or pimple alive. So before worrying about getting  rid of your acne scars, get your skin completely free from acne. Effective acne scar treatment requires incising your skin which can cause more scars due to the presence of active pimples. You may try natural remedies for acne to achieve a 100% acne-free skin or other forms of acne treatment. The skin must be free from active acne at least three months before undergoing a surgical acne scar treatment.

Examine the Acne Scar Type

The effectiveness of your acne scar treatment would depend on the type of scar you have. It is helpful to examine your acne scar type to get the best acne scar treatment. If you’re one of the lucky ones whose scars are so shallow or who have been simply left with a dark pimple mark, then topical creams are the best acne scar treatment products for you. If the acne scars you have are deeper, then drastic and operational treatment is needed. Treatment for deep acne scars are best consulted with a doctor or dermatologist, who can better educate you on the most suitable treatment for the type of acne scar you have.

Consult Licensed Dermatologists

The adage “two heads are better than one” applies while exploring for the best acne scar treatment. A second opinion can help you decide better which treatment to undergo.  Since there’s definitely more than one treatment for any type of acne scar, consulting more than one dermatologist would help you pick the best acne scar treatment that would fit your budget and lifestyle. You can actually have as many opinions you can gather, just make sure that it comes from professionally reliable and trusted sources. You may ask friends and relatives for recommendations and even the doctors themselves on where you can get some more professional advice in getting rid of acne scars.

Exert an Effort to Research

Reading this article is a good start. Read more information about your acne scars before you make a definitive decision about which is the  best acne scar treatment for you. Research can help you ask more profound questions during consultations with a dermatologist and weigh your options better.

The best acne scar treatment is just around the corner. Finding it only requires patience, proper education, and a little initiative on your part. Good luck in kissing those acne scars away.

Acne Scar Treatment: Post-Acne Solution

Acne is just a stage. This holds true for some people. Lucky for them? Not really because after the onslaught of the dreadful acne they are then left with the problem of how to get rid of acne scars. It sounds like a slight problem compared to those people still suffering from acne but still a problem is a problem. These seemingly lucky people now scrounge for the best acne scar treatment. Perhaps, what would really make them lucky is that their new quest for another type of acne treatment is not an uphill climb. All they have to do is read on.

Treatment of acne scars would actually depend on the depth and severity of the scars on your skin. Dermatologists use three basic acne scar removal methods namely topical, micro-dermabrasion, and laser treatments.  Check which one would suit you.

Topical treatment of acne scars

If your acne scars are not that deep or simply appear only like as dark spots, topical treatment may do the work for you. It is the most affordable method of acne scar treatment. It only involves applying an acne scar removal cream on your face regularly at home. If you’ve been applying acne treatment gel before, it’s basically the same process. The method can also apply in back acne scar treatment. Some creams can be bought over-the-counter while some are prescribed by a doctor. If your skin is not sensitive or allergy-prone, a trial and error method of over-the-counter acne scar creams can do. But if you have sensitive skin, better consult a doctor or a dermatologist before resorting to self topical treatment.


Although a bit more expensive than topical treatment, micro-dermabrasion is an effective method of treating mildly deep acne scars. It involves the process of thinning the top skin layers by regular removal of dead skin cells on the face. The treatment is not hard to find because it is rendered in many skin clinics and even spas and salons. One, however, must be careful that the therapist who will conduct the treatment is well-trained and knowledgeable of the process.

Laser Acne Treatment

If you have lots of money to spare, a laser acne scar treatment is the best option to get your acne scar woes solved 100 percent. It is extremely costly though especially if your acne scars are so deep that it requires more than one session of laser treatment to completely remove the scars.

Getting what type of acne scar treatment needs a lot of preparation and serious decision-making process to effectively address your acne scar problems.