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A Closer Look at the Exposed Acne Treatment System

For US-based skin care brand Exposed, a clear pimple-free skin requires not only one but a complete solution. Thus, the company introduced a total topical acne treatment solution called the exposed acne treatment to end horrible skin woes of millions of men and women around the world.

About Exposed

Exposed is the manufacturer of one of the most successful acne care treatments in the world. Founded in 2002, a group of skin care professional experts established the company in Seattle, Washington. The company earned leadership in the market after its introduction of Exposed acne treatment, which effectively cleared skin from acne, pimples, blemishes, blackheads, and other skin problems.

About Exposed Acne Treatment

Exposed acne treatment is a three-step system especially formulated not only to treat acne but also to prevent it from coming back. A team of experts composed of dermatologists, cosmetologists, naturopaths, and chemists developed the product. Its formulation is based on scientific and natural ingredients to give the best result on the skin.

The product has over 100,000 satisfied customers worldwide since it was introduced in 2002. In fact, Exposed acne treatment reviews show high level of customer satisfaction giving the skin medication package high rating recommendations.

Exposed is considered the best acne treatment in the market with its well-researched product and market approach as manifested in the ingredients, treatment system, price, and customer safety condition of Exposed acne treatment.

The Ingredients

Exposed acne treatment contains all the active acne-fighting ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide, Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acids, Green Tea Extracts, Olive Leaf Extracts, and Tea Tree Oil. It also has Allantoin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Aloe Vera Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, and Licorice Root Extracts that soothe the skin and slow down skin aging. The ingredients are not only formulated to clean and treat the skin but also to protect it in order to keep acne from developing again. Thus, the product also contains protective ingredients such as Cyclomethicone, Helichrysum, and Micronized Zinc Oxide to invisibly shield your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun as well as surrounding pollution and other skin irritants.

The System

Exposed acne treatment follows a three-step system namely clean, clear, and treat. In other words, the system focuses on cleaning the skin, removing acne, and finally long-term treatment to maintain an acne-free skin. The system is designed to prevent clogging of the pores, which causes pimple formation, to kill bacteria in the skin, and to prevent acne development. It also curbs excessive sebum secretion, which promotes growth of pimples.

The Price

The treatment is reasonably priced. One can get the 60-day kit for only $49.95. The kit includes free Derm-X cloth, the facial cleanser, the clearing tonic, the day serum, the night serum, and a free membership in Club Exposed. Treating acne is usually not inexpensive. But untreated, the cost of expensive acne scar treatment will be much higher, let alone the ‘cost’ of embarrassment or insecurity that could result from your acne problem.

Customer Safety

So far no harmful effects have been reported about the product. The company even offered a 100 percent money back guarantee not only in cases of ineffectiveness of the product to cure acne but also in cases of serious side effects.

Exposed acne treatment can be a safe choice in dealing with the menace on your skin if natural remedies for acne fail. You may consult a doctor or licensed dermatologist before trying out the product.

What an Acne Spot Treatment Can Do for You

You’re attending a party tomorrow night with a 100% probability of seeing your crush on the dance floor. You’ve been dieting for weeks now in preparation for this big night. So sexy figure, check! Dainty outfit, check! But when you look in the mirror to check your skin, a visibly bumpy red pimple dreadfully says hello. You would definitely freak out and do anything to zap that zit off your lovely skin. No need to get frantic though. Pricking that zit will just make things worse. In this desperate situation, there’s no need for a desperate measure. All you need is an acne spot treatment.

Zit Free On the Spot

An acne spot treatment is the quickest solution in getting rid of unwanted pimples. It can free your skin from zits overnight. It is currently the best acne treatment introduced in the market. Its quick acting solution in annihilating pimples made acne spot treatment a household name in the world. It comes in gel cream solution that can be easily applied on the pimple spot. Leaving the cream solution overnight will clear your skin from pimples the next day. It works by drying the pimple quickly with less chances of scarring the skin like pricking does so it would just fall off by itself after 24 hours. So far, Johnson & Johnson’s Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment is considered as the best acne spot treatment in the market today.

On the Spot Coolness

Users of acne spot treatment share that the gel cream leaves a cool feeling on the skin while it dries up the target pimple. So without the itch and burning sensation of other acne treatment products, one can comfortably sleep while getting rid of the zits. Others also rave about the product because it is also so cool in the pocket. Even a 13 year old can get the treatment without pestering his or her parents to get buy it. Of course, what can be cooler than getting an effective pimple fighting solution for a very affordable price? So far, it’s the acne spot treatment that holds the title for 100% coolness for anti acne solution.

Spotless Habits for the Skin

An acne spot treatment can surely do magic on your skin. It, however, needs to be complemented with wholesome skin care habits to make its work easier and more effective. Stick to the basics of maintaining a clean and clear face to be totally free from pimples. Always drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin and keep it glowing, eat fruits and vegetables to nourish it, and never leave it full of dirt while sleeping. Remember that an acne spot treatment only dries up the pimple so it will leave your skin temporarily. It doesn’t target the main source of pimples. So you need to maintain healthy skin care habits to really achieve a pimple free flawless skin. In using the acne spot treatment, it would also be helpful to have an acne scar treatment handy. Sometimes, after a dried pimple fall off a dark scar-like mark is still left on the skin. Some cover it with concealer to hide the mark. However, it would be wiser to apply a scar treatment cream first before applying a concealer. Apply what you consider as the best acne scar treatment for your skin.

Like any acne treatment products, an acne spot treatment also has its limitations. What you can do is maximize what the product can do for you and supplement what it cannot provide.

Acne Treatment Gel: The Fastest Acting Pimple Solution

Acne is the number one villain of millions of men and women around the world who want to look flawlessly handsome and beautiful. The world will perhaps grant a Nobel Prize to any human being who will come up with the best acne treatment product that would permanently remove the ugly acne off their faces. While waiting for that awardee to be born, one can first settle for an acne treatment gel to do a vanishing pimple magic trick on your face.

Benzoil Peroxide

If natural remedies for acne didn’t work, then it’s about time to resort to an over-the-counter drug called benzoil peroxide. If you’ve heard about Proactiv and Clearasil, these popular acne treatment products contain benzoil peroxide that effectively fights off and clear out pimples in the skin. The skin magic drug acts as a bacteria-killing agent inside the skin pores. Acne is caused by bacteria that thrive inside the pores clogged with dead skin and the skin’s natural moisturizing oil called sebum. So benzoil peroxide takes care of the hard to kill bacteria which continue to thrive despite efforts of keeping your face clean and dirt-free.

Acne Gels and Creams

Benzoil Peroxide comes in acne treatment gel or acne treatment cream forms. What’s the difference between the two? Cream is based in oil or water while gel is based in synthetic material called glycerin, which is halfway between oil and water. Unlike some acne creams, acne treatment gels don’t clog the skin pores.

In terms of skin penetration, acne treatment gels penetrate the skin faster. Acne treatment creams, on the other hand, take a hard time penetrating the epidermis or the top layers of the skin.

Since acne treatment gels are absorbed better by our skin, benzoil peroxide can then penetrate faster and deeper into the skin pores giving better chances of doing its magic work in annihilating pimple-causing bacteria inside the face compared to acne treatment creams. With its fast absorption quality, gels are also better used for acne scar treatment.

Thus, it’s safe to conclude that an acne treatment gel is the fastest acting solution to your acne problems.

So the next time you scan for acne treatment products, grab an acne treatment gel for your acne-infested face. Don’t rely too much on the product through. Continue to keep a healthy lifestyle and good skin clearing habits such as drinking plenty of water and getting enough hours of sleep to really get rid of the ugly acne on your face.