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How To Apply Cellulite Cream

Cellulite can be frustrating especially if you want to strut down the beach with those sexy bikinis. Worse, the fight against cellulite is really not a piece of cake even with the best cellulite cream at hand. It’s like armed weapons are no guarantee for victory in warfare. A warrior must know not only how to use the weapon but also to strategize the battle. In the fight against cellulite, the following is so far the best battle plan:

  1. Apply the cream when skin pores are open. The powerful cream formulation can best work if it can deeply penetrate your skin. That’s why it is advised to apply the cream every after bath when the pores of your skin are more open. Regular use is also advised to gain desired results in a shorter period of time.
  2. Keep a fat-free and less cholesterol diet. A healthy diet serves as a shield against another fat build-up in your body that causes cellulite. Of course, it looks futile applying a cellulite cream to reduce fat and continue to put in unwanted fats in your diet. A fat-free and less cholesterol diet would make the cellulite cream’s work easier and faster. The diet would also help your skin have a natural healthy glow.
  3. Shed off the fats through physical exercise. To further aid the cellulite creams get rid of unwanted fat in your body, fat-burning physical exercise is advised. Shedding off fats would also help your body produce more energy making you strong and active.  Regular exercises also have beauty benefits of toning you muscles creating a sexier look for you.

 The battle plan against cellulite clearly allows you to reap more benefits like hitting two birds with one stone. It would not only make you cellulite-free but actively healthy, sexy, and more beautiful.

Questioning Cellulean Cellulite Cream

There are many names in the market that claims to deliver the best cellulite cream for women. One of them is Cellulean. The question is, is this product really worth your money and time? Well, read this article and find out more about this product.

Cellulean’s claimed strongest feature is its primary ingredient, which is Aminophylline. This is an asthma drug that is found to help drastically reduce the size of fat cells beneath the skin, which then reduces the appearance of the bumps and dimples on the skin. Moreover, Cellulean’s claim of cellulite-free skin is backed up by a clinical research. Its claim of 78 percent cellulite reduction within four weeks is proven to be true by research.

However, unlike other cellulite lotion and creams, Cellulean requires some sort of anti-cellulite exercise to offer good results. People who want faster results see good chances when they use the solution in conjunction with proper exercise.

Another problem with Cellulean is its price. It is double the price of usual cellulite creams in the market. Plus, the manufacturer offers 14-day risk free trial only. It is clear that Cellulean says that their product can offer results within 30 days. Hence, people who want to test this product fully cannot take advantage of the free trial period. Plus, after the trial period, they offer an autoship program, which is seen as an inconvenience by a lot of people. There are certain reports that even if you tell them you are not interested with the product after the trial, they will still be shipping it to you and even charge your card.
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Cellulean has its own share of pros and cons. Now, it is up to you to decide whether the benefits will outnumber the cons or whether the advantages are worth any kind of risk. The decision is still yours to make.