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How To Get Rid Of Bad Acne

Bad acne is acne gone bad, literally. If acne is bad enough, bad acne is worse. It’s a double-whammy! Should you feel bad about it? Absolutely not but definitely! You may look and feel bad with really bad acne but hopes are still high that it can be remedied.  Surely, there will always be hope as long as you live but hope is higher for people who live to give their skin a smooth and clear future. So read on and start working on that future.

What is Bad Acne?

If you are reading this, you must be suffering from bad acne. You could also be reading for a friend, a family member or a relative who is seriously searching for means to end his or her bad acne affair.  The point is you are already very much aware how depressing and ugly bad acne is. It hits the face, chest, and back. In addition, it hits not only almost any part of the body but also a lot of people!

The approach in eliminating bad acne, however, should be skin-deep. If you want to really get rid of acne fast, you must look beyond the surface and discover what is happening underneath. In other words, you should find out what’s causing bad acne in order to eliminate it.

Bad acne has different causes and ach cause requires different solutions. The common mistake people make in treating bad acne is focusing too much on the solution rather than the cause. So what happens? They get a bad acne bonus named bad acne scars.

Causes of Bad Acne

The universal fact about acne is that it is caused by trapped oil or sebum from the sebaceous gland underneath the skin. True. It further reveals that sebum help breeds infection and inflammation-causing bacteria that can be addressed by keeping your skin dirt and oil-free all the time. Half-true.  Clean is beautiful. Thus, cleansing-centric skin care regimen is a must for the beauty conscious. However, no gazillion amount of effort in keeping your skin totally clean would serve as the ultimate solution to your bad acne problem if it is not dirt or trapped oil that is causing those ugly zits from growing.

So what causes bad acne? Hormones, genes, stress, infection, and poor diet can also be generally blamed for bad acne.  Your bad acne can be caused by one or more of these causes. Below are indications for each cause of bad acne.

Hormones. If those ugly zits come out every time you have your monthly period, it is no doubt that your bad acne is caused by hormonal activity. No need to worry because hormonal or premenstrual acne can be treated. If you are in the stage of puberty, hormones that your body produces to facilitate growth and other development are the culprits of your bad acne. No need to worry again as this has corresponding solution as well.

Genes. If mom and dad including brother and sister sports bad acne, the genetic make up of your family is the root of your skin nightmare. Can it be treated? It may not be totally eliminated but there are favorable ways to deal with it.

Stress. Your bad acne can be causing bad acne itself. If you are already stressed with your bad acne problem, then you should exert more effort to stop worrying about it. There were medical studies that reveal stress as a precursor of skin problems.  Apart from bad acne, stress can also be acquired from work, school, family and other psychological stimulus.

Infection. Germs and bacteria can cause skin infection. Thus, if your skin has been exposed to these micro organisms, then infection is causing your bad acne. The infection-causing micro organisms have already penetrated your skin cells making you wonder why even your most meticulous skin cleansing regimen is not working.

Diet. What you eat is what you are and your skin would definitely show it. You would know that it is poor diet that is bringing you bad acne, if you are so crazy about eating oily and non-nutritious food.

How to Get Rid of Bad Acne?

You should not limit yourself to pin pointing on the cause of your bad acne problem. It should serve as a guide to how you will get rid of acne fast and save you from wasting time and money on inappropriate bad acne remedies. The following are available solutions for a particular cause of bad acne.

Hormonal Acne Treatment. For bad acne triggered by hormonal changes in your body, hormonal acne treatment is the right solution. The treatment, which can be taken orally or through injections, is aimed at reducing hormones that causes acne on the skin. Where to get the treatment? It would be best to consult your doctor.

Antibiotics. A lot of oral and topical antibiotic treatments are available to solve your bad acne woes caused by infection. It treats bad acne by killing the infection-causing bacteria that penetrated your skin. Over-the-counter antibiotics such as erythromycin, clindamycin, and tetracyclines can help treat bad acne but it is also best to consult your doctor to get a safer prescription.

Derma Treatments. Although a bit expensive, various dermatological treatments are available to address genetically-acquired bad acne. It includes dermabrasion, laser, light, and other surgeries. The procedures won’t permanently put an end to your bad acne problem but it would provide a temporary relief and only requires maintenance to keep it from recurring.

Healthy Lifestyle. Stress and poor diet related bad acne is relatively the easiest bad acne case to remedy. Proper time management, exercise, and healthy diet should only be firmly planned and followed in order to achieve a smooth clear bad acne free skin.

Bad acne remains bad if no right action or solution is applied. The first step is to look closely at your acne problem and examine what is actually causing it. Next is to apply the apt treatment mentioned in this article. Finally, take a serious stand to put an end to your bad acne woes.

Do you suffer from bad acne? Or did you find a solution? Which solution helped you to get rid of acne? Use the comments and share your thoughts!

Home Remedies for Acne

Wishing for an acne free clear skin that won’t hurt the budget? Make your wish come true with home remedies for acne—the almost cost-free skin problem solutions right under your nose.

Acne Remedy #1: Anti-Fungal Oils

Tea tree oil, garlic oil, clove oil, and oil of oregano are only among the many types of anti-fungal oils that can be found in the kitchen used not only in concocting delicious meals but also in combating fungus, yeasts, and bacteria in food preservation. These oils are rarely featured as effective home remedies for acne. When applied on the skin, however, the oils have proven to reduce pimple inflammation and cysts. It also helps improve the condition of the skin infested with rashes. Acne is a manifestation of internal and external growth of fungus, bacteria, and yeasts that is why these kitchen anti-fungal oils can serve as great home remedies for acne treatment. One can apply any of these anti-fungal oils directly to the skin twice a day to get rid of acne fast.

Acne Remedy #2: Apple Cider Vinegar

Do you know that the skin has a protective layer called acid mantle? The acid mantle is the skin’s acidic top layer, which protects the inner layers of the skin from bacterial penetration. Poor nutrition caused by unhealthy lifestyle such as inadequate sleeping, smoking, and drinking, however, destroys the acid mantle leading to pimple growth. Moreover, one can restore the skin’s acid mantle by applying apple cider vinegar on the skin. The acidic component of apple cider vinegar aids in reviving the acid mantle of the skin. Simply, mix it with filtered water on 50-50 water to apple cider vinegar solution. You may contain it in a spray bottle to easily apply or spray the solution to the skin after taking a bath or shower.

Acne Remedy #3: Epsom Salt Baths

The stress relieving bath tub concoction is also an effective remedy for various skin problems including acne. Epsom salt is actually a magnesium sulfate mineral compound that aids in facilitating optimal skin function. People with acne, for instance, noticed a reduction of skin inflammation and redness after only days of soaking in an Epsom salt bath. A healthy glowing skin was later achieved after regular salt bath habit. For faster and better results, some add 1 tablespoon of vitamin C or ascorbic acid crystals to the bath concoction to remove skin damaging chlorine and chloramines in the water.

Acne Remedy #4:Lemon Juice and Rose Water

Lemon juice and rose water is one of the best natural home remedies for acne that serve as cheap but better alternative to chemically manufactured astringents and skin cleansers. Lemon juice is a mild anti-bacterial agent that can be used as a natural astringent for the skin while rose petals, where rose water is derived, serve as a natural skin toner that neutralizes the acidic harsh component of lemon juice on the skin. Mix the two natural ingredients, apply directly on the skin, and leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing. One, however, must stay out from long sunlight exposure after applying the solution on the skin to avoid redness and rashes.

Acne Remedy #5: Oatmeal and Honey

Breakfast food oatmeal mixed with honey is one of the most popular home remedies for acne. It cleanses and tones the skin to prevent and reduce acne on the skin. Oatmeal cleanses the skin pores by absorbing pimple-causing oil and exfoliates the skin as well. The mixed honey, on the other hand, serves as a skin toner.

These home remedies aim to promote the use of natural ingredients found at home in maintaining a clean and clear skin. They can also serve as home remedies for acne scars since they promulgate the maintenance of a dirt-free skin and the annihilation the dreaded skin acne. The habit of applying home remedies for acne, however, must be partnered with patience and discipline to achieve desired results.

Do you know of other home remedies that work well against acne? Share your tips and experiences in the comments below…