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Best Epilator: How to Select One

There are various products available to remove hairs. One effective hair removal product of today is the epilator. However, finding the best epilator can be quite a challenge if you don’t know where to start your search.

It is very important that you plan on how much you are willing to spend on this device. This will help narrow down your choices. Although you would like to save on some money, cheap models may not give you satisfactory results. This is especially true if you have sensitive skin as some may be harsh and result in nicks and cuts.

Things to Consider when Shopping for an epilator

  • budget
  • type of epilator (wet and dry, cordless or corded)
  • speed settings
  • accessories
  • consumer reviews and testimonials

A wet and dry epilator is highly recommended for sensitive skin and they work very well under water. Consider how handy you want your epilator to be. A cordless one may be more convenient as it doesn’t have any wires that need to be plugged in. However, you would need to make sure that it has a good battery. One of the most important features of this product is its speed setting. Sensitive areas of the body such as the face and armpit only require a slow speed but dark and coarse hair needs a faster one. You also have to check the attachments that come with the product as some can be really beneficial. Take for example, the cleaning brush can efficiently remove trapped hair in between the blades. Lastly, you have to take the time to read some reviews. This will help you find the best epilators in town as you are getting first hand opinions from people who have already tried the products.

Top three best epilator for women

This list is based on the testimonials of women who have tirelessly search for the best hair removal method available.

Panasonic Close Curves Wet and Dry Ladies Shaver
this product guarantees a clean and comfortable shave because it is built with the sharpest pivoting blades that easily glides over hard-to-reach areas. It is very safe to use while you are in the shower and it also has a trimmer to attend to long and stray hairs. This epilator is designed to be hypoallergenic that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth after shaving.



Emjoi Soft Caress Cord/Cordless Hair Remover
This epilator is very gentle on the skin. It efficiently removes even the tiniest of hairs to give you a flawless and hairless skin. It can work on black and coarse hair that depilatory creams cannot tame. In addition, the hair takes a very long time to grow back which will help you save time and effort.




Braun SE7281WD Xpressive Body System Rechargeable Wet & Dry Epilator
This product is said to be an ingenious invention in the epilator department. It is armed with features that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth up to four long weeks. It has a pivoting head that easily adapts to the curves of the body to remove even the tiniest of hairs. One of its best features is its massaging system that softens the skin before and soothes it after removing the hair. It is very gentle and can be used in different parts of the body.

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Hair Removal Products

How far are you willing to go for your hair removal goals? Are you willing to spend hundreds of dollars or are you tight with how much you can spend? Well, no matter what your answer here is, I bet there is one thing that can be of help to you. Expensive or cheap, you will find hair removal products that will fit just right in your budget.

Hair removal can cost from zero dollars to as much as thousands of dollars. However, understand that the price you pay for hair removal is usually what you get in the end. If you want free hair removal, you’ll get results that you can enjoy for a couple of days or so. If you are willing to spend for the goal, you can forever say goodbye to your unwanted hair problems. Here, read on further and discover hair removal products for women and men in the market.

Cheap Hair Removal Products

When I say cheap products, it does not always mean you get nothing out of them. Even cheap methods, such as shaving, plucking, and hair removal creams can offer a smooth hairless skin right after one session. The only problem with these options is that, oftentimes, they have limitations. Here is a list of the cheap hair removal products, how much it will cost you to get them, and what you can expect out of them.

Hair Removal (oush)
Photo by rbatina

  • Tweezers. To successfully pluck hair out of your skin, it can only take you a one-time investment of around 15 to 40 dollars for a good quality pair of tweezers. After the initial investment, you can pluck your hair from any part of your body without any added expense, unless you need a new pair of tweezers once again. However, the problem with plucking is that it is a tedious hair removal process, it is painful, and it can cause scarring and ingrown hair.
  • Razors. Razors are usually among the best facial hair removal products for men but can oftentimes be an enemy of women. Using razors can cause burn, nicks, cuts, and even coarse and thick hair re-growth. Razors are basically cheap. In fact, you can get disposable ones for less than a dollar per piece. If you want something better, you can get electric razors for around 100 dollars. Shaving creams on the other hand can cost two to 50 dollars depending on the size and brand of the product of your choice.
  • Hair removal creams. Each container of a hair removal cream can cost 30 dollars or more depending on the efficiency of the product, the size of the container, and the brand that manufactured it. Some hair creams that are considered permanent hair removal products are expected to be more expensive in the market but still affordable. This kind of product offers an easy and fast hair removal, which can take three to five minutes of application only.

Expensive Hair Removal Products

Permanent hair removal products are expensive for a reason. This is simply because they bring you out of the hassle of dealing with unwanted hair forever. Here are the best hair removal products that, unfortunately, will cost you hundreds of dollars when you decide to make use of them.

  • Electrolysis. This advanced treatment option is priced around 60 dollars per 30 minutes of session. You need around 15 to 20 sessions of electrolysis treatment for satisfactory results, so you do the math. The price can even be higher is you are about to treat larger areas such as your legs and back. The result, however, is permanent hair removal that no other hair removal product in the market can offer.
  • Laser. A session of laser hair removal can cost 150 dollars or more. Depending on the area being treated, you need three to five sessions before the desired result can be achieved. The price can still vary depending on how large the area being treated is, where you live, and several other factors. The result is not one hundred percent permanent hair removal but 85 percent or higher permanent hair reduction.

Which among these hair removal products have you used before? Do you have any ideas to share with other people out there looking for a solution for their unwanted body hair?

Nair Hair Removal

Do you want to get even with unwanted hair without hurting both your pocket and your skin? Nair hair removal could be your painless and affordable hair woe solution.

Nair hair removal is one of the most sought after depilatory hair removal brands in the market. Nair is a word play combination of “no” and “hair”. It has been in the market for more than 15 years under the manufacturing house of the US-based Church & Dwight Co., Inc., which marketing stunts include using memory retaining slogans such as “The Less that You Wear, the More You Need Nair!”, “Like Never Before”, and “We wear short shorts, Nair for short shorts”.

Nair Hair Removal Products

Nair has also successfully built a reputation for producing a wide range of effective depilatory hair removal products. Nair hair removal products include Lotions, Shower Power, Soothing Wax Kit, Salon Divine Wax Kit, Face Wax Strips, Microwave Wax, Bikini Cream, Face Cream, Upper Lip Cream, Sensitive Formula, Lasting Results Gel Cream, Nair Pretty, and Nair for Men. Its line of hair removal products popularly cater to both men and women and even tweens with Nair Pretty.

Nair Hair Removal Cream

Nair hair removal cream, however, is the most prominent hair removal product of the brand. It only applies three quick, easy and painless steps of dab, leave, and rinse in removing unwanted hair. It does not only remove unwanted hair in three minutes but also exfoliates and moisturizes the skin leaving it smooth, glowing, and fragrant. The cream comes in scented forms of aloe, raspberry, and cucumber melon.

The secret are the active ingredients contained in Nair hair removal such as Calcium Hydroxide and Sodium Hydroxide. The two chemicals break down hair structures deep into the roots delaying or reducing hair regrowth for several weeks.  Moreover, the product also contains mineral oils and other softening agents to moisturize the skin while removing unwanted hair on the legs, underarms, bikini areas, and face.

What makes Nair hair removal more popular is its relatively affordable price. A 9-ounce bottle of Nair hair removal cream only costs $6 that is suitable for a month’s use.


Avid users of the product recommend using Nair hair removal after taking a bath. Nair hair removal cream works better in softened hair. Applying a thick layer on the target area also helps in effectively removing stubborn unwanted hair. It is also advised to always dab a pea size amount of the cream on a small area of the target body part to check for any allergic reactions.

A warm and tingling sensation will be felt as the cream sits on the skin. If any painful or intense burning feeling is felt, it is wise to rinse the cream off immediately.

In removing or rinsing off the cream after leaving it on the skin for three minutes, it would be more effective to use a wash cloth in wiping off the cream in downward strokes following the direction of the hair growth. The wash cloth’s coarse texture helps detach hair faster. Avoid scrubbing the skin after the treatment.

Nair hair removal has mixed reviews. Some achieved positive results while some were left unsatisfied. The good news, however, is that no serious side effects were reported as a result of trying the product.

Hair Removal Methods for Specific Parts of the Body

Everyone wants a permanent solution in removing unwanted hair in the desired visible parts of the body. Beauty experts, however, point out that one should be practical in applying treatments for zero hair especially with the extremely expensive cost of permanent hair removal. Eyebrow hair, for instance, need not undergo permanent hair removal methods. Basic tolerably painful plucking can do the trick in removing hair to archly shape the eyebrows. Here are more practical and applicable hair removal methods according to the common body part most people want to be hair-free.


Hair Removal Methods for the Face

Shaving is the safest hair removal method for facial hair such as women’s eyebrows and men’s beard and mustache. The face has the most sensitive skin in the body. Even the mildest hair removal cream, which is a faster and painless alternative for shaving, cannot guarantee to be 100 percent free from allergic reactions. Next to shaving is waxing, which mostly done on women’s eyebrows. Last on the list of top practical hair removal methods for the face is threading, which is done to the hairs of the eyebrow and area between the tip of the nose and upper lip.

Hair Removal Methods for the Legs

Flaunting hair-free smooth legs can be one of the sexiest assets of a woman. Shaving used to be the popular hair removal method for women’s legs but stubbles can be unsightly, including the scars one may get from accidental cut from razor blades. Thus, hair removal cream became one of the more popular hair removal products for ridding hair on women’s precious legs. It has three quick and easy steps of dab, leave, and rinse and has a longer lasting result compared to shaving. Next to hair removal cream is waxing but the method has a painful part to it that one has to bear.

Hair Removal Methods for the Underarms

When a woman raises her arms, the underarms should not only be fair but hairless as well. Constant shaving seems to be causing black underarms for many women, not to mention the razor stubbles that make the underarms look darker. Thus, waxing became a better option. However, those graced with a bigger budget can opt for laser hair removal treatment, a permanent hair removal that does not only leave the underarms hairless for a longer period of time but also reduce the regrowth of unwanted hair.

Hair Removal Methods for the Chest and Back

Super thick hair on the chest and at the back can be utterly annoying. Waxing is a very painful option even for the strongest of men but the hot resin wax and removing wax strips is one of the most favorite hair removal methods for the chest and back. Hair removal cream later outranked waxing as the most preferred hair removal method for removing men’s back and chest hair.

Various hair removal methods though inferior to permanent hair removal can still be a great solution to unwanted hair woes especially for the budget-stricken. Apart from the body part, the best hair removal method will depend on the budget and tolerance to pain of the person.


Revitol Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal creams are getting more and more popularity these days because of their easy, quick, and convenient way of getting rid of unwanted hair. Revitol hair removal cream is one of the creams that are available in the market. It can remove hair without any pain in just a matter of a few minutes. Using it involves applying it on the area to be treated and wiping the cream off after several minutes.

Revitol Hair Removal Cream

There are a lot of hair removal creams in the market but Revitol is a little different than its counterparts. This is true because of its natural hair removal properties. Revitol contains vitamin A, E, aloe vera extract, green tea, and other plant extracts, which are known to remove the hair follicle bulbs while leaving the skin healthy and smooth.

Though it contains calcium hydroxide like any other depilatory creams in the market, its added natural ingredients make it a skin-friendlier version of these hair removal creams. Hence, Revitol turns out to be one of the hair removal products that you can trust for your sensitive skin.

Red Bikini & Pink Goggles
Photo by Coreyu

The Advantages of Using Revitol

  • It is easy to use.
  • It is safe to be used on most body parts such as the face, legs, and even the bikini area.
  • It offers a painless hair removal, which cannot be said for other permanent hair removal products.
  • It moisturizes the skin while working to remove the hair with the help of several plant extracts.
  • It can be a permanent hair removal solution, especially with continued use. Its ingredients can lessen the hair growth over a long period of time, which can turn out to permanently prevent hair from growing back.

The Disadvantages of Using Revitol

  • It can trigger allergic reaction because of its calcium hydroxide content.
  • It has a pungent odor.
  • It is more of a liquid than a cream, which makes the application messier as compared to other products.

Where To Buy Revitol Hair Removal Cream

A lot of people are unsure of where to buy Revitol hair removal cream as it cannot be found in the cosmetic section of your local department stores. True enough, Revitol is not available in retail stores. It is only widely available online. You can visit Revitol’s website or Amazon.com

You can also visit other websites that offer Revitol hair removal cream, but you must be extra cautious. Only deal with trusted retailers because there are a lot of scams concerning Revitol hair removal cream purchases.

Customer Reviews about Revitol

Most review websites rate Revitol as one of the top, if not the number one, hair removal creams in the market. A lot of Revitol hair removal cream reviews claim that this is the most effective of all depilatory creams so far. Many users experience a painless and easy hair removal process with Revitol.

The major negative feedback of Revitol hair removal cream has something to do with its odor. There are also some users who report the need to wait longer to get the utmost hair removal advantage out of Revitol. Some say that they need to wait fifteen minutes or so before the cream can work to totally get rid of unwanted hair.

Please share your experiences with Revitol hair removal cream in the comments below.