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Hair Laser Removal Treatment: Seeing Its Other Side

Of all unwanted hair removal options, hair laser removal treatment is the most popular. Why not? It offers permanent results without the pain and without the hassle. However, do you know that this hair removal method is not a perfect option when it comes to getting rid of unwanted body hair? No matter how effective it is, it seems that the cliché “nothing is perfect” is true when speaking of laser hair treatment.

Are You A Good Candidate For Laser Hair Removal?

This permanent hair removal treatment is one of the most expensive solutions these days to your hair problems. However, even when you have the money to go for such kind of treatment, it does not mean that you can take advantage of laser removal already. Always keep in mind that this is something not for everyone. This is true because laser hair removal is something that can work its permanent wonders only to a selected group of people, with less permanent solutions for other people. To know whether you are a good candidate or not of laser treatment, you have to check in three different factors. This includes your skin type, hair color and texture, and skin condition.

If you have dark skin, you have lesser chances of gaining good results from laser treatment. This is true for any kind of laser hair removal such as facial hair removal or body hair removal. This is because the laser light can easily confuse the dark skin to its real target, which is the melanin. If this happens, it is the skin that it attacked by the light and will not give good results in the end. People with light skin tones are the best candidates for laser treatment. When it comes to the hair color and texture, the story is the other way around. Light and thin hair is not a good candidate for this treatment. This includes hair colors such as blond, white, and gray. Dark and coarse hair types are a better candidate.

There are also certain skin conditions that will make you a bad candidate for this treatment. For instance, if you have an active viral or bacterial infection, psoriasis or vitiligo, and keloid or hypertrophic scarring history, you are not advised to get this treatment. The same is true if you have recently submitted to a tanning procedure. You can submit to laser treatment once the results of the tanning procedure have already worn off.

Is Laser Treatment A Hundred Percent Safe?

Don’t call yourself lucky yet if you think you are a good candidate for laser hair removal. The truth is, there are certain risks that can await you once you submit to this hair removal method. The normal side effects of this treatment method include swelling and redness for around three days, feeling of numbness, pain, and itching. There are also rare side effects depending on your skin’s response to laser light or depending on how the procedure was done. This includes bruising, scab formation, burns, infection, and skin discoloration.

Though most of the side effects are temporary such as swelling, redness, and blistering, others can become permanent. This includes the burns on the skin, scarring, and dark skin discoloration. This only means that even if you have freed yourself from unsightly hair permanently, you can forever be dealing with another set of annoyances and embarrassments on the skin.

It is true that hair laser removal treatment is not perfect. However, take note that all other hair removal options are not perfect too including plucking, hair removal cream products, waxing, shaving, electrolysis, and the like. Hence, it is just proper to say that you need to weigh in the risks involved in any hair removal method before ever submitting to a specific kind of procedure. After all, besides getting rid of unwanted body hair, the most important thing here is your safety still.

The Best Hair Removal Treatment

Have you exhausted all efforts to clear out unwanted hair in some visible parts of your body in vain? If traditional and often painful hair removal methods don’t seem to work, an ultimate hair removal treatment guarantees to put an end to your unwanted hair woes.

What is the best hair removal treatment?

Laser hair removal treatment is considered as the ultimate solution in getting rid of unsightly hair in some parts of the body such as the underarms, legs, back and chest. It has outshone old school treatment of removing hair such as shaving, threading, waxing, and applying a hair removal cream. Offering the longest lasting hair-free smoothness on the skin, laser treatment is dubbed as the close to permanent hair removal method in the market today.

How is laser hair removal treatment being done?

Shaving needs a razor. Threading requires thread maneuvering skills. Waxing involves hot resin wax and removing strips. Hair removal cream method is a simple apply, dab, and rinse procedure. Compared to these conventional hair removal methods, laser hair removal treatment involves a quite modern procedure that only a licensed doctor can perform. It also uses a laser emitting device in removing unwanted hair from the body. The treatment is done in several sessions before the desired result is achieved.

Laser is actually an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiance. It is an intense fine beam of heated light that is non-invasively directed to hair follicle area to break it down from growing hair. Save from the ant bite feeling, the procedure is relatively painless.


Who can undergo the procedure?

Although marketed as a hair removal treatment to men and women of all ages who simply want to say goodbye from hideous hair, laser treatment would be more effective in making one’s skin smooth and hairless for a longer period of time if he or she has:

  • Dark Hair. The beam of light selectively impacts dark matter since dark objects absorb more light or laser energy making it easier to break down.
  • Light Skin. Having a light skin reduces the risks of laser burns and swelling since light objects absorb less light or laser energy.
  • Lots of Money. Since laser is the ultimate hair removal treatment, it is very expensive. One session can cost as much as $600 or even more. Take note that one session is not enough to be totally hair-free for a long period of time.


What more to expect after a laser hair treatment?

Hair would still grow back but in reduced amount. The ironically dubbed permanent hair removal actually means permanent hair reduction. After several sessions, laser hair treatment would only make one hair-free to as long as 17 weeks then hair will be visible again but in lesser volume or thickness compared to pre-laser condition.

A hair removal treatment that could absolutely annihilate unwanted hair to save you more money, time, and energy is perhaps the ultra ultimate solution yet to come. If science came up with laser when the topical hair removal cream is the permanent hair removal star of the town, then an ultra ultimate hair removal treatment is not impossible.


Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus but when the two sexes are here on planet Earth they agree on one thing: removing unwanted body hair is such a painful and tedious task! Thus, they also search for one common thing: a permanent way to remove body hair. One method also comes to their minds: laser hair removal. Finally, they both ask the same question: does laser hair removal work?

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular hair removal methods in the market today. It uses laser, an intense fine beam of heated light, to treat or remove unwanted hair in any parts of the body. A non-invasive and painless laser emitting device is used during a laser hair removal treatment procedure. It works so fast and effective in targeting hair follicle slowing and reducing hair growth. The treated body part becomes hair-free for a long period of time. It is the only hair removal method that leaves skin the longest lasting smoothness and hairlessness. One can be hair-free for up to 17 weeks. This treatment is considered as one of the best permanent hair removal products in the market.

Laser Hair Removal Cost

Only hospitals and accredited dermatological clinics can safely and legitimately conduct a laser hair removal treatment. Laser can be harmful to our health and body if not properly administered. In fact, a thorough physical examination is required before one can undergo the treatment. A person must be in good health to get a clearance for the laser hair removal treatment to avoid complications in case he or she is sick or under medication. Laser hair removal is also not a one-time treatment. It would take more than one session to get rid of unwanted hair for a longer period of time. So how much does a laser hair removal cost? It can cost around $600 or more per session not including the doctor’s professional fee and miscellaneous charges of hospitals and clinics. Add to that the cost of physical examination and multiply the least number of sessions one can possibly undergo to achieve a flawless hair-free skin.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

It only makes sense to ask if laser hair removal really works given the high cost of the treatment. The answer actually depends on the kind of result you want to achieve. If you’re only looking for longer lasting hair-free smooth skin finish, then the answer is a big YES. If you’re seeking for permanence like eternal farewell to unwanted hair, the answer is NO. Studies have been released that since the introduction of the laser hair removal treatment in the market, nobody got a permanent hair-free result. Although very minimal compared to pre-treatment condition, hair still grows back. The answer to the question would also depend on your hair color. Laser hair removal is reported to only work on people with dark and coarse hair. The laser treatment serve futile for people with blond, red, and grey hair colors.

So does laser hair removal work? The answer lies on you.