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Hair Removal Products

How far are you willing to go for your hair removal goals? Are you willing to spend hundreds of dollars or are you tight with how much you can spend? Well, no matter what your answer here is, I bet there is one thing that can be of help to you. Expensive or cheap, you will find hair removal products that will fit just right in your budget.

Hair removal can cost from zero dollars to as much as thousands of dollars. However, understand that the price you pay for hair removal is usually what you get in the end. If you want free hair removal, you’ll get results that you can enjoy for a couple of days or so. If you are willing to spend for the goal, you can forever say goodbye to your unwanted hair problems. Here, read on further and discover hair removal products for women and men in the market.

Cheap Hair Removal Products

When I say cheap products, it does not always mean you get nothing out of them. Even cheap methods, such as shaving, plucking, and hair removal creams can offer a smooth hairless skin right after one session. The only problem with these options is that, oftentimes, they have limitations. Here is a list of the cheap hair removal products, how much it will cost you to get them, and what you can expect out of them.

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  • Tweezers. To successfully pluck hair out of your skin, it can only take you a one-time investment of around 15 to 40 dollars for a good quality pair of tweezers. After the initial investment, you can pluck your hair from any part of your body without any added expense, unless you need a new pair of tweezers once again. However, the problem with plucking is that it is a tedious hair removal process, it is painful, and it can cause scarring and ingrown hair.
  • Razors. Razors are usually among the best facial hair removal products for men but can oftentimes be an enemy of women. Using razors can cause burn, nicks, cuts, and even coarse and thick hair re-growth. Razors are basically cheap. In fact, you can get disposable ones for less than a dollar per piece. If you want something better, you can get electric razors for around 100 dollars. Shaving creams on the other hand can cost two to 50 dollars depending on the size and brand of the product of your choice.
  • Hair removal creams. Each container of a hair removal cream can cost 30 dollars or more depending on the efficiency of the product, the size of the container, and the brand that manufactured it. Some hair creams that are considered permanent hair removal products are expected to be more expensive in the market but still affordable. This kind of product offers an easy and fast hair removal, which can take three to five minutes of application only.

Expensive Hair Removal Products

Permanent hair removal products are expensive for a reason. This is simply because they bring you out of the hassle of dealing with unwanted hair forever. Here are the best hair removal products that, unfortunately, will cost you hundreds of dollars when you decide to make use of them.

  • Electrolysis. This advanced treatment option is priced around 60 dollars per 30 minutes of session. You need around 15 to 20 sessions of electrolysis treatment for satisfactory results, so you do the math. The price can even be higher is you are about to treat larger areas such as your legs and back. The result, however, is permanent hair removal that no other hair removal product in the market can offer.
  • Laser. A session of laser hair removal can cost 150 dollars or more. Depending on the area being treated, you need three to five sessions before the desired result can be achieved. The price can still vary depending on how large the area being treated is, where you live, and several other factors. The result is not one hundred percent permanent hair removal but 85 percent or higher permanent hair reduction.

Which among these hair removal products have you used before? Do you have any ideas to share with other people out there looking for a solution for their unwanted body hair?

Hair Removal Cream: Be Hair-Free in an Instant

Quick, painless, and moisturizing are only some of the benefits hair removal cream renders to millions of people worldwide who desperately want to rid unwanted hair in the body. Needless to say, hair removal cream is also the most affordable of all permanent hair removal products in the market. With three easy steps of dab, leave, and remove, hair removal cream is definitely the instant solution for unwanted hair woes.

What is Hair Removal Cream?

A hair removal cream is a topical treatment or hair removal method that painlessly breaks down follicles to remove unwanted hair. Since it targets the area where hair grows, the cream is also referred as a permanent hair removal cream as it leaves the applied skin area free from hair for several days or at longer period compared to conventional hair removal methods such as shaving, plucking, and waxing. The best hair removal cream can even leave the skin smooth and hair-free for weeks. It comes in easy and cool, to apply soft cream and gel forms. New hair removal creams in the market contain skin moisturizers and fragrances for added product value. It is also easily purchased over-the-counter at groceries and drugstores at a very affordable price. Though a lot of hair removal cream products proved ineffective, a lot of people still do a trial-and-error purchase since no serious side effects have been reported in using hair removal creams. Some are lucky though to find the right hair removal cream that gives them desirable results.

Popular Hair Removal Cream Brands

Nivea’s Veet hair removal cream and Revitol hair removal cream the prominent brands skin experts highly recommend. The brands also garnered positive reviews from millions of users worldwide.

If you’re a woman, you can choose from the different line of Veet hair removal creams that work even for the most sensitive skin. It comes in spray, inshower, and pump containers. If you want to nourish your skin with vitamins while removing unwanted hair, Revitol hair removal cream will do the work for you. It has vitamins A and E, aloe vera, and green tea extracts that would make your skin glow with smoothness.

If you’re the macho kind, then you can try Veet’s hair removal cream for men that can quickly remove facial hair and hair in other parts of the body in just four (4) minutes. You can now say goodbye to razor rashes and prickly rubbles.

Precautions in Using These Creams

Never forget to get even with Mr. Sun first for 24 hours after applying a hair removal cream in any part of your body. Exposing your self to sunlight might cause skin irritation and rashes. Also avoid applying other skin creams after dabbing a hair removal cream doing otherwise will trigger unpleasant chemical reactions and irritate the skin. Again, wait for 24 hours before applying any types of cream on your skin. Lastly, always remember the three-day gap rule in hair removal cream application. So even if you see small hairs growing back after a day, for instance, patiently wait for three days to apply the hair removal cream again.

Hair removal cream may sound like a no-brainer treatment with its quick and easy steps in removing unwanted hair. Proper precautions, however, is still required to achieve a smooth hair-free skin finish.

Permanent Hair Removal

Does laser hair removal work? When the question on the worthiness of getting an expensive laser hair treatment was posed, a shocking truth was revealed about permanent hair removal: it’s not absolutely permanent. You must wonder why laser hair removal treatment was linked to permanent hair removal. Understanding the evolution of permanent hair removal would clearly explain.


Permanent hair removal has been around for already more than a century in the form of hair follicle busting treatment called electrolysis. It’s a prototype of laser treatment that painstakingly targets one follicle at a time so one can say bye-bye to gruesome body hair. Electrolysis is the permanent hair removal method of pre-laser treatment time. It is still being offered today in a more improved version but more people prefer the painless laser hair removal method despite its very expensive cost.


The electrolysis of the modern times, laser treatment uses an intense fine beam of heated light to remove unwanted hair in any parts of the body. The treatment is non-invasive and painless. It also targets hair follicle faster than electrolysis. Laser hair treatment is one of the most prominent permanent hair removal products in the market today. Needless to say, the painless hair removal method is also the most expensive pegged at $600 per session. Yet, the method, after several sessions, only leaves one free from unwanted hair for a maximum of 17 weeks. Laser technology inspired all succeeding modern methods in permanently removing hair in the body such as intense pulsed light and diode epilation. Still, laser maintains the longest streak in providing a hair-free skin despite the presence of new and more affordable permanent hair removal methods. That is why when people say permanent hair removal they refer to laser treatment.

Permanent Hair Removal at Home

Getting rid of hair at the confines of our home is no longer limited to applying permanent hair removal cream, which is the easiest and cheapest permanent hair removal method that can leave one hair-free for up to three (3) weeks. “At home laser hair removal” kits are now available. It is cheaper and more convenient than going for an expensive laser treatment at a clinic. The kits use low powered laser beams that one can safely use at home in clearing any parts of the body from unwanted hair. In terms of hair-free permanence, it is obviously not at par with clinical laser treatment but definitely renders one a longer lasting smooth hair-free skin compared to other permanent hair removal products.

Permanent hair removal had different names and faces but it wore one the same hat all through the years and that is ending everyone’s hair nightmares. While waiting for the absolute permanent hair removal that would make everyone say goodbye eternally to unwanted hideous body hair, the relative permanent hair removal the market currently offers should suffice in every man or woman’s desire to flaunt a hair-free smooth legs, underarms, and back, among others. It’s better to be hair-free in a day to never at all.

Permanent Hair Removal Products

The huge global market of men and women who want to get rid of unsightly hair in various body parts pushed hundreds of multinational skin care companies to come up with permanent hair removal products. An oversupply of unwanted hair problem solutions has not led to an absolute or widespread positive result. Instead, it left the market confused and overspent. Many have wasted time, energy, and money in trying numerous products. Here we explore and downsized available permanent hair removal products to save you from unnecessary hassles in choosing the best permanent hair removal products for your unwanted hair woes.

The New Definition of Permanent

Permanent takes a whole new definition in the world of hair removal products. It only becomes synonymous to long-lasting. Thus, it doesn’t mean you getting to say goodbye forever to unwanted body hair. It only means being hair-free for a certain long period of time, which can reach up to 17 weeks if you apply the best permanent hair removal products of all that is laser hair removal. In fact, studies have revealed that there is no hair removal product that has come out in the market rendering absolute permanence in eliminating unwanted body hair. So set your expectation straight as we go along exploring permanent hair removal products.

Permanent Hair Removal Products for Women

Women take the longest time in picking up the appropriate permanent hair removal product due to the huge number of permanent hair removal products for women available. If you’re a woman reading this article, here are top products to narrow down your choices.

  • Veet Wax Strips. Women who can resist pain for a 4-week hair-free smoothness should get Veet’s line of wax strip products. The brand has a variety of strips designed for the face, underarm, and bikini line. If you want a silkier and fragrant wax finish, look for the scented wax strips with moisturizer.
  • Veet Hair Removal Cream. (BUY HERE) If pain is not your cup of tea, go for a topical solution. Veet also has a wide line of hair removal creams that can work even for the most sensitive skin. It comes in spray, inshower, and pump forms.
  • Revitol Hair Revomal Cream. Nourishing the skin with vitamins while removing unwanted hair is the edge of Revitol Hair Removal Cream. It has green tea extract, aloe vera, and Vitamins A and E that work together to make your skin glow with smoothness.
  • Laser Hair Removal. For women who have the big bucks, laser hair treatment is best for them. It will save them time hitting skin care racks at the same time give them the longest lasting hair-free skin that they’ve been dreaming of.

Permanent Hair Removal Products for Men

Even rough and rugged men dream of a lasting hair-free smooth body and they are lucky because their options of permanent hair removal products for men are not as wide and many as women have.

  • Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips. If you’re a man who measures strength and manhood through long endurance or resistance to pain, then Veet’s wax strips should work best for you. It is simply waxing minus the messy wax preparation. Compared to hair removal cream, the ready to use wax strips render a longer period of being smoothly hair-free.
  • Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream. It is a topical unwanted hair treatment in just 4 minutes. So if you’re tired of razor rashes and prickly rubbles then switch to this quick and easy unwanted hair solution.
  • Laser Hair Removal. This high-end hair removal treatment is also applicable to men with a huge budget of course especially with thick back and chest hairs that can be so tedious to remove with mere wax and creams.

Going over permanent hair removal products need not to be time consuming and confusing. Sticking with highly recommended top brands such as mentioned in this article would simply save you from all the hassles.