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Sona Laser Hair Removal Technology For A Nearly Permanent Hairless Smooth Skin

Laser technology has been one of the most trusted solutions towards unwanted hair problems from the face down to the legs. However, there is one name that stands out in this field. Sona laser hair removal is gaining more and more popularity these days as compared to its counterparts because of various reasons. For one, it offers a more precise hair removal method as compared to other laser hair removal technologies. Read on further and find out what there is with Sona laser technology for you.

What Makes Sona Different

Before, a lot of people could not enjoy the benefits of the laser hair removal technology, simply because it only works effectively for those people with light skin and dark hair. However, with the introduction of Sona, it became a different story. One of the major advantages of Sona is that it can be customized depending on the pigment type of the skin and hair, as well as the skin’s irritation level. Once you submit to this technology, the laser will scan your skin and match the pigment. This will result in a more effective hair reduction and removal. Plus, there is a smaller chance of skin irritation and other skin complications.

Dr Braun Performing Laser Hair Removal
Photo by Vancouver Laser & Skincare Centre

Its Safety

Sona laser is approved by the FDA in terms of being an acceptable method of permanent hair removal, thus adhering to all safety precautions that are needed for safe laser hair removal treatment. There is no hair removal cream or other product that needs to be applied on the skin beforehand. The recovery process after the procedure is quick and rather easy.

Its Offers

A lot of people say that this technology is one of the permanent hair removal products that can be trusted these days. However, I want to clear some things out. Sona laser hair removal does not literally take off hair permanently. The laser works not to remove the hair follicles but works to damage them. Hence, there is still a small chance that the hair will grow back after some time. Though there is no known exact time frame when hair will grow after laser treatment, the waiting period can usually last for several months or years depending on the skin’s reaction to the laser light.

Its Cost

There are a lot of good things to say about Sona laser technology. However, it has one major drawback: the cost. The average hair removal procedure using this technology can cost around 500 dollars per session. The price can be cheaper or more expensive depending on several factors such as the area to be treated, the area you live, and the clinic you are getting the treatment from. However, since this technology can offer an almost permanent hair removal, it turns out that the expenses upfront can even save you more money as compared to submitting to waxing every couple of weeks or buying shaving creams and razors from time to time for almost forever.

The Sona laser hair removal technology may be expensive. However, this is one of the options that you can trust for hair removal, especially if you want something more permanent.


Permanent Pubic Hair Removal – What You Need To Know

Pubic hair can be irritating and annoying, let alone under influence of society’s demands of proper personal hygiene etiquette. Hence, most men and women spend time shaving or waxing the hair every now and then. However, the problem with shaving and waxing is that they can be time-consuming, not to mention irritating to the skin. Since the genitals are sensitive areas of the body, it is just not worth it to risk irritation. Therefore, the best thing to do is to submit to permanent pubic hair removal.

One of the most popular and most effective permanent hair removal options is laser hair treatment. This works to target the pigment on the hair with the purpose of destroying the hair follicles’ capacity to grow again. Though before, laser treatment is ideal for people with light skin only, the advancement of laser technology has introduced several laser equipment designed to help people with moderate to dark skin.

The Pros and Cons of Permanent Hair Removal

Skin Light Shadow
Photo by diverevan
Permanently removing your pubic hair will be a time-saver for you in the long run. Since you no longer have pubic hair to groom or shave, you will save a lot of your time. This is not to mention yet that you will save al lot of money, too. For instance, if you did waxing before, you no longer need to buy waxing creams or submit to professional waxing treatments every other month or so. This works similarly to getting permanent body and facial hair removal.

Moreover, a clean and hairless area can help prevent fungal infections caused by the friction of the pubic hair against the skin. Plus, it prevents irritation brought by pubic pimples, razor burns, and ingrown hair.

On the other side, the pubic hair serves as a permeable layer that opens circulation of air to the genitals even with your underwear on. Without the pubic hair, the good circulation of air can be at stake. However, this can be defeated by making sure you only wear underwear that is made of either cotton or silk. If you do not follow this, there will be an excessive accumulation of sweat in the area, which may cause irritation.

Furthermore, the cost of permanent laser hair treatment can be expensive. Though you may save money in the long run, the upfront cost of this treatment is usually pricey as compared to the cost of a waxing cream or hair removal cream.

Pricing for Laser Pubic Hair Removal

Pubic laser hair removal using laser usually costs around 200 to 600 dollars per session. However, there are several factors that may affect the actual prices. For instance, the city where the clinic is located can have a lot to say about the price of each laser session, and also the experience of the practitioner and the service the clinic provides. The number of required sessions varies. In most cases, it takes around four sessions before a satisfactory result can be achieved. However, you might require more sessions, especially when you don’t fit the optimal characteristics for laser hair removal: light skin and black hair. The lighter the skin is and the darker the hair is, the lesser the number of sessions is required for permanent hair removal.

What to Expect After Laser Treatment

It is normal that you will experience redness and soreness of the treated area after each laser session. The feeling is similar to simple sunburn, but it usually lasts for a day or two. To help soothe the soreness and the redness, applying topical cream onto the skin will help. The laser treatment provider will prescribe the perfect cream for your skin condition.

As a tip, do not expose your skin to the sun after the session for a total of six weeks. Doing so will lead your skin to further damage since a newly laser treated skin is a very sensitive skin.

Laser pubic hair treatment is one of the best permanent hair removal methods that you can trust. However, make sure that you are one hundred percent decided when it comes to permanent pubic hair removal before submitting to this procedure. Remember that there is no coming back here once you have already removed your pubic hair permanently.

Do you think removing pubic hair permanently is worth it or are you more comfortable with the temporary solutions?


Permanent Back Hair Removal

Excessive back hair is unsightly. If you are a man with a lot of back hair, for sure you will think twice about going shirtless at the beach or a pool party. Though you can rely on waxing and shaving every now and then, it really is a hard task to groom yourself when it comes to  back hair. Hence, what you need is permanent back hair removal that will end your problem after a couple of treatment sessions.

The back is a very large area of the body. Unlike facial hair removal, dealing with excessive back hair problems can be time consuming and expensive. With permanent hair removal products like laser and electrolysis, it is possible for you to say goodbye to excessive back hair for a long period of time, if not for good. However, be prepared to spend quite a bit of cash on these sessions, as the back is quite a large area to cover.

Why Undergo Permanent Hair Removal?

It is true that shaving, waxing, and applying creams on the back can get rid of unwanted hair. However, this can only be a good idea if someone will be doing the hair removal for you. Take note that the back is a part of your body that is hard to reach. Hence, shaving and waxing by yourself will be really difficult.

Moreover, the growing hair on the back can come out to be very itchy, which will make you feel uncomfortable all throughout the day. Plus, this can irritate the skin and can even lead to infection. Therefore, men are looking into finding a solution to their excessive back hair growth. And what better ways than permanent hair removal options such as laser and electrolysis hair removal.

Laser or Electrolysis?

It is true that today, electrolysis and laser hair removal are the two greatest options for permanent back hair removal. However, depending on several conditions, not both these options will be good for you. For instance, in laser treatment, the procedure is applicable only for several people such as those with a combination of light skin and dark hair. This is true because the laser light targets the pigment on the hair and skin to kill the hair follicles. If you have dark skin, chances are the laser lights will be targeting the pigment in the skin and burn it as a result. However, there are more advanced laser technologies these days that are designed to help people with other skin and hair types.

Though electrolysis is best for everyone, it is something that can turn out to be expensive. A session that lasts 30 minutes cost around 60 dollars. This is not to mention yet that you need 15 to 30 sessions before you can achieve the best results out of it. And since the back portion of the body is a large area, one session can take longer than average. This is true because electrolysis targets individual hair follicles in order to deliver permanent hair removal results.

On the contrary, laser treatment can cost around 150 dollars or more per session depending on where you live. It takes five to six sessions only to gain good results out of it. However, with laser, there is no guarantee that hair will not grow again.

Permanent back hair removal is a popular solution these days, as it is the only solution in the long run. Hence, it is just right to spend some money and time to finally end the problem.

What do you think is a better option for you, laser treatment or electrolysis?


All You Need To Know About Laser Light Hair Removal

If you are having troubles with unwanted hair in any part of your body, laser light hair removal is one of the best options available for you. This method is one of the most advanced in terms of facial hair removal and also one of the most effective in the field. If you are having second thoughts about this hair removal method, read on and find out everything you need to know about laser treatment.

How Laser Lights Work

Laser hair removal technology uses beam of lights to send heat energy into the hair. This causes inflammation in the follicles and results in the thinning of hair in the target area and reduction of hair growth. After several treatment sessions, the growth of hair can be reduced to the minimum or even non-existent level. This makes laser treatment as one of the most effective and best permanent hair removal methods today.

There are different kinds of laser wavelengths that must be used for successful hair removal of different skin and hair color. Only a qualified and skilled laser operator must be consulted in terms of what the best kind of laser treatment is you must submit to.

What To Expect From Your Laser Light Treatment

Unlike other methods such as hair removal cream application, waxing, and plucking, laser treatment is known to offer permanent results in a lot of cases. This is not to mention yet that the removal method is quick, safe, and painless. Depending on the target area, one session may only last for 45 minutes to an hour. After a couple of sessions, you can expect to say goodbye to all hair removal methods and all the side effects they can offer.

However, like other hair removal methods, laser hair removal has also some risks to offer. Most of the time, patients will suffer from skin irritation right after each laser treatment session. Though this can be just a minor side effect and can go away in time, this can cause a very serious discomfort in some patients to the point that they can’t anymore function normally after the treatment.

Moreover, laser treatment can cause skin discoloration. Some get dark patches while others get dark patches. This discoloration can, however, be treated in due time. However, this can cause a lot of embarrassment on the part of the patients, especially if they have undergone facial hair removal using laser technology.

The Costs Involved

You probably know that laser hair removal treatment is something really costly. However, this is not always the case. Depending on the part of the body you want to be treated, the price of laser removal can vary significantly. For instance, if done on both legs, the price can start from 500 dollars per treatment session. On the other hand, if it is done on the upper lip portion of the face, the price can be as low as 100 dollars. And since each part of the body requires different numbers of sessions to achieve good results, the cost of laser treatment can add up dramatically.

However, what a lot of people do not know is that the cost of laser hair removal is only expensive upfront. It only requires up to six sessions before a permanent hair-free skin can be achieved. If you do the math, you will pay even lesser when it comes to laser treatment as compared to other treatment methods such as waxing. Imagine having to wax once or twice a month for a lifetime. You will need to purchase a lot of waxing kits or you will need to submit to professional waxing and end up spending not only more in the long run but also a lot of your time and effort.

Laser light hair removal treatment is something to look forward to when it comes to hair removal goals. Though there are risks involved, everything can be cleared with the help of a good professional. As a final note, make sure you only deal with a trusted and qualified laser operator. After all, it is with the skills of the operator that you need to count on when speaking of the effectiveness, safety, and smoothness of this hair removal method.

Was this all you wanted to know? Do you have additional questions? Ask us, and we will find out for you!

Electrolysis Hair Removal: A Comprehensive Guide

Does sending unwanted hair to kingdom come sound ridiculous? Century-old electrolysis hair removal tells us to think twice.

Electrolysis is a 130-year-old hair removal method that uses electric current to annihilate unwanted hair in different parts of the body. It was initially used to treat hard to remove ingrown eyelashes until the method proved to offer ultimately permanent hair-free results.

Little is written about electrolysis as the true-blooded permanent hair removal in the market but through the years electrolysis hair removal proved to gradually remove unwanted hair and really keeps it from growing back. Unfortunately, the hype on laser hair removal overshadowed the true promise of permanent hair removal electrolysis offers. In fact, electrolysis is often referred as electrolysis laser hair removal thinking that it is a type of laser hair treatment. Ironically, electrolysis can be considered as the superior type of hair removal since it really offers permanent hair removal compared to laser hair removal, which actually only offers permanent hair reduction.

Electrolysis may have suffered a bad fate in the hair removal market but the good news is that people who are less likely candidates for a laser hair removal can resort to electrolysis hair removal to solve their unwanted hair woes.

The Procedure

Electrolysis is done by running an electrical pulse through a sterilized needle that is painstakingly inserted into each hair follicle, which will not grow again after the treatment. Electrolysis can remove hair from almost any part of the body except for hair on the mole and hair inside the nose and ears.

3 Types of Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis hair removal has three basic methods namely Galvanic, Thermolysis, and Blend. Each differs in the kind of current used in the procedure.

  • Galvanic. Lye is produced by its electro-chemical current. It is the first method of electrolysis best used for thick and coarse hair. The current converts salt and water in the follicles into lye, which effectively prevents hair regrowth.
  • Thermolysis. A radio wave produces the high frequency heat current. The method is best used for removing fine hair.
  • Blend.  A combination of Galvanic and Thermolysis methods leading to a more rapid production of electro-chemical current. The Blend electrolysis is best used for facial hair removal.


Electrolysis hair removal is a painful procedure making it less attractive for most people who want to get rid of unwanted hair. The level or degree of pain would vary on the coarseness of the hair to be removed. Apart from leaving the treated person almost permanently hair-free, electrolysis can result to redness and swelling of the skin. Scabs are possible to appear, which can and should be treated immediately to avoid infection and worst scars. Darker skinned people may also temporarily get light or dark spots around the treated body part.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Cost

Electrolysis hair removal cost would depend on a lot of factors such as professional fee of the electrologist, hair count to be removed, and body part where hair to be removed is located. It is, however, cheaper compared to laser hair removal.

Electrologists currently charge $45 to $125 per hour. A rough estimate can be achieved by multiplying the electrologist’s professional fee by the number of hours it would take to remove hair in a particular part of the body. The coarser and the thicker the hair, the longer it takes in doing the procedure. Take note, however, that it will not be done in one session. The number of hours required to remove hair in particular part of the body will be divided into several sessions.

Electrolysis vs. Laser

Whether electrolysis hair removal is better than laser hair removal, the answer depends on the physical condition, financial capacity, and tolerance to pain of the person.

Laser is less painful. Despite the painless marketing stunt, laser hair removal method still renders an ant bite sting on the person undergoing the procedure. This, however, is less painful compared to the pain a person would experience in electrolysis hair removal.

Electrolysis is more affordable. Obviously, laser is way more expensive than electrolysis and the former won’t guarantee zero-hair forever. In terms of price and permanent results, electrolysis hair removal scores better.

Laser performs faster. Unlike electrolysis, laser can target and break a group of hair follicle in an instant and less hassle. Electrolysis, on the other hand, hits hair follicles one by one that is very time consuming. Time wise, laser renders better.

Electrolysis applies to all types of hair. One can quickly say that people with a big budget should go for laser hair removal and those who don’t should settle with electrolysis hair removal. The case, however, may vary with the physical condition of a person especially when people with light crowning glory such as red, grey, white, and blond hair are less likely candidates for laser hair removal. Thus, even if they have the money to afford a laser hair treatment, there would still be a very big possibility for them to still undergo an electrolysis hair removal, which would actually address their unwanted hair problem.

People with dark hair are the best candidates for laser hair removal, a procedure which uses a fine intense light beam that is best absorbed by dark objects. Thus, dark hair is easily broken down since it absorbs more laser energy. Since light-colored hair will absorbs laser less, there is also less chances of achieving desired results from laser hair removal.

Electrolysis, however, is not limited to such heat or light energy principles. Whether it’s dark or light hair, electrolysis hair removal will do the hair removal job for you.


It is always safe to consult a doctor before undergoing an electrolysis hair removal treatment. Pregnant women and people with IUD are usually prohibited to undergo the procedure. Moreover, make sure that the procedure is performed by a trained or certified electrologist.

Electrolysis hair removal though the closest permanent hair removal anyone can avail, laser hair treatment is sought more for its painless procedure. With the saying that goes “no pain, no glory”, electrolysis is the only way to permanently zero-hair.


The Best Hair Removal Treatment

Have you exhausted all efforts to clear out unwanted hair in some visible parts of your body in vain? If traditional and often painful hair removal methods don’t seem to work, an ultimate hair removal treatment guarantees to put an end to your unwanted hair woes.

What is the best hair removal treatment?

Laser hair removal treatment is considered as the ultimate solution in getting rid of unsightly hair in some parts of the body such as the underarms, legs, back and chest. It has outshone old school treatment of removing hair such as shaving, threading, waxing, and applying a hair removal cream. Offering the longest lasting hair-free smoothness on the skin, laser treatment is dubbed as the close to permanent hair removal method in the market today.

How is laser hair removal treatment being done?

Shaving needs a razor. Threading requires thread maneuvering skills. Waxing involves hot resin wax and removing strips. Hair removal cream method is a simple apply, dab, and rinse procedure. Compared to these conventional hair removal methods, laser hair removal treatment involves a quite modern procedure that only a licensed doctor can perform. It also uses a laser emitting device in removing unwanted hair from the body. The treatment is done in several sessions before the desired result is achieved.

Laser is actually an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiance. It is an intense fine beam of heated light that is non-invasively directed to hair follicle area to break it down from growing hair. Save from the ant bite feeling, the procedure is relatively painless.


Who can undergo the procedure?

Although marketed as a hair removal treatment to men and women of all ages who simply want to say goodbye from hideous hair, laser treatment would be more effective in making one’s skin smooth and hairless for a longer period of time if he or she has:

  • Dark Hair. The beam of light selectively impacts dark matter since dark objects absorb more light or laser energy making it easier to break down.
  • Light Skin. Having a light skin reduces the risks of laser burns and swelling since light objects absorb less light or laser energy.
  • Lots of Money. Since laser is the ultimate hair removal treatment, it is very expensive. One session can cost as much as $600 or even more. Take note that one session is not enough to be totally hair-free for a long period of time.


What more to expect after a laser hair treatment?

Hair would still grow back but in reduced amount. The ironically dubbed permanent hair removal actually means permanent hair reduction. After several sessions, laser hair treatment would only make one hair-free to as long as 17 weeks then hair will be visible again but in lesser volume or thickness compared to pre-laser condition.

A hair removal treatment that could absolutely annihilate unwanted hair to save you more money, time, and energy is perhaps the ultra ultimate solution yet to come. If science came up with laser when the topical hair removal cream is the permanent hair removal star of the town, then an ultra ultimate hair removal treatment is not impossible.


Hair Removal Methods for Specific Parts of the Body

Everyone wants a permanent solution in removing unwanted hair in the desired visible parts of the body. Beauty experts, however, point out that one should be practical in applying treatments for zero hair especially with the extremely expensive cost of permanent hair removal. Eyebrow hair, for instance, need not undergo permanent hair removal methods. Basic tolerably painful plucking can do the trick in removing hair to archly shape the eyebrows. Here are more practical and applicable hair removal methods according to the common body part most people want to be hair-free.


Hair Removal Methods for the Face

Shaving is the safest hair removal method for facial hair such as women’s eyebrows and men’s beard and mustache. The face has the most sensitive skin in the body. Even the mildest hair removal cream, which is a faster and painless alternative for shaving, cannot guarantee to be 100 percent free from allergic reactions. Next to shaving is waxing, which mostly done on women’s eyebrows. Last on the list of top practical hair removal methods for the face is threading, which is done to the hairs of the eyebrow and area between the tip of the nose and upper lip.

Hair Removal Methods for the Legs

Flaunting hair-free smooth legs can be one of the sexiest assets of a woman. Shaving used to be the popular hair removal method for women’s legs but stubbles can be unsightly, including the scars one may get from accidental cut from razor blades. Thus, hair removal cream became one of the more popular hair removal products for ridding hair on women’s precious legs. It has three quick and easy steps of dab, leave, and rinse and has a longer lasting result compared to shaving. Next to hair removal cream is waxing but the method has a painful part to it that one has to bear.

Hair Removal Methods for the Underarms

When a woman raises her arms, the underarms should not only be fair but hairless as well. Constant shaving seems to be causing black underarms for many women, not to mention the razor stubbles that make the underarms look darker. Thus, waxing became a better option. However, those graced with a bigger budget can opt for laser hair removal treatment, a permanent hair removal that does not only leave the underarms hairless for a longer period of time but also reduce the regrowth of unwanted hair.

Hair Removal Methods for the Chest and Back

Super thick hair on the chest and at the back can be utterly annoying. Waxing is a very painful option even for the strongest of men but the hot resin wax and removing wax strips is one of the most favorite hair removal methods for the chest and back. Hair removal cream later outranked waxing as the most preferred hair removal method for removing men’s back and chest hair.

Various hair removal methods though inferior to permanent hair removal can still be a great solution to unwanted hair woes especially for the budget-stricken. Apart from the body part, the best hair removal method will depend on the budget and tolerance to pain of the person.


Vitamins for Hair: Getting the Mane Attraction

Thick, shiny, and silky are signs of an attractively healthy crowning glory. That’s if you’re taking the right vitamins for your hair. Vitamins are undisputedly essential in achieving a good-looking hair. With the proliferation of many commercially-produced vitamin supplements in the market, you must be one of the hundreds of men and women confused on what vitamins to take. Taking all the available vitamins is definitely not an option. It will not only lead to drug overdose but might also take a toll on your crowning glory. What you need to do in order to get a strikingly beautiful hair is to only take in the essential hair vitamins listed below.


While some spend hundreds of dollars for permanent hair removal treatments, others lavish on growing their hair back. Biotin is one of the most helpful vitamins for hair growth balding men popularly take.  It aids in the production of keratin that prevents hair from thinning and going grey. A lot of commercially-manufactured biotin supplements are available in the market but one can naturally absorb it by eating biotin-rich food such as whole grains, liver, soybeans, lentils, walnuts, green peas, brown rice, milk, and egg yolks.

B Vitamins

If you want a thick and luster rich hair, you should nourish your self with B vitamins otherwise known as vitamins for hair loss. B vitamins such as vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B5 (panthotenic acid), vitamin B6 (pyrodoxine), and vitamin B12 (cobalamin) are known to prevent and treat hair loss by targeting to nourish the scalp. It also helps in improving hair color saving hair from looking dull and dry. Eat carrots, cauliflower, soy beans, peas, bran, nuts, eggs, wholegrain and some proteins to get an ample dose of B vitamins for your hair.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the vitamins for hair that makes the crowing glory look shiny and silky. It is an anti-oxidant that promotes the production of healthy sebum in the scalp. Fish liver oil, meat, milk, cheese, eggs, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, apricots, and peaches are rich sources of vitamin A.

Vitamin E

A hair vitamin that fights free radicals that damage the cells and cause body aging, vitamin E is one kind of vitamins for hair growth that prevents hair loss and graying hair, as well as being part of the vitamins for skin health. It helps in improving blood circulation in the scalp by increasing oxygen uptake, which improves circulation to the scalp. Eating vitamin E-rich food such as cold-pressed vegetable oils, wheat germ oil soybeans, raw seeds and nuts, dried beans, and leafy green vegetables will not only give you a thick and healthy hair but a smooth and clear skin as well.


There are also vitamins for hair that can be applied externally onto the hair such as applying olive oil, Shea butter, carrot oil, and coconut oil that has nutrients that add luster, shine, and vitality to the hair.

Vitamins for hair can be effortlessly and naturally obtained by maintaining a proper diet, which would work more effectively in giving you that gorgeous beautiful hair if complemented with proper hygiene and hair care regimen.