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Acne Treatment Gel: The Fastest Acting Pimple Solution

Acne is the number one villain of millions of men and women around the world who want to look flawlessly handsome and beautiful. The world will perhaps grant a Nobel Prize to any human being who will come up with the best acne treatment product that would permanently remove the ugly acne off their faces. While waiting for that awardee to be born, one can first settle for an acne treatment gel to do a vanishing pimple magic trick on your face.

Benzoil Peroxide

If natural remedies for acne didn’t work, then it’s about time to resort to an over-the-counter drug called benzoil peroxide. If you’ve heard about Proactiv and Clearasil, these popular acne treatment products contain benzoil peroxide that effectively fights off and clear out pimples in the skin. The skin magic drug acts as a bacteria-killing agent inside the skin pores. Acne is caused by bacteria that thrive inside the pores clogged with dead skin and the skin’s natural moisturizing oil called sebum. So benzoil peroxide takes care of the hard to kill bacteria which continue to thrive despite efforts of keeping your face clean and dirt-free.

Acne Gels and Creams

Benzoil Peroxide comes in acne treatment gel or acne treatment cream forms. What’s the difference between the two? Cream is based in oil or water while gel is based in synthetic material called glycerin, which is halfway between oil and water. Unlike some acne creams, acne treatment gels don’t clog the skin pores.

In terms of skin penetration, acne treatment gels penetrate the skin faster. Acne treatment creams, on the other hand, take a hard time penetrating the epidermis or the top layers of the skin.

Since acne treatment gels are absorbed better by our skin, benzoil peroxide can then penetrate faster and deeper into the skin pores giving better chances of doing its magic work in annihilating pimple-causing bacteria inside the face compared to acne treatment creams. With its fast absorption quality, gels are also better used for acne scar treatment.

Thus, it’s safe to conclude that an acne treatment gel is the fastest acting solution to your acne problems.

So the next time you scan for acne treatment products, grab an acne treatment gel for your acne-infested face. Don’t rely too much on the product through. Continue to keep a healthy lifestyle and good skin clearing habits such as drinking plenty of water and getting enough hours of sleep to really get rid of the ugly acne on your face.